Voice output does not work during navigation when the display is switched off.

If Kurviger App is not working in background this is most likely due to some aggressive “power savings” of smartphone vendors.
Try to exclude Kurviger App from power savings.

BTW: which App version are you talking about? Kurviger3 beta?

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Yes, 3 Beta

Tested the 3Beta for the first time today. Unfortunately, there is no voice output when the display is switched off. If the display is switched on, there is only sometimes an announcement. I’ve tested a number of settings but nothing has helped.


The powersavings are off for all Apps.

Could you clarify what you mean with sometimes? Right now there should be up to 4 announcements per turn. 2km, 1km, 300m, and now. These should be spoken for all turns (if they are far enough from the previous one). Are these spoken, if the display is on?

Could you also provide more information about your device? For example share the debug information, that you can find in the settings.

Right now we are not aware of issues in this regard, if power saving is set correctly, so we would need more information.

Are you using a bluetooth headset?

By sometimes I mean that the announcement comes correctly before turns, and sometimes no announcement comes before turns.
I don’t use a bluetooth- headset.

I am curious about the “sometimes”.
Is that reproducible in any way?
Does it work in simulation mode?
If you drive the exact same route multiple times, is the announcement missing always at the same place, or at different places?

Have you tried the DontKillMyApp App as suggested in the above mentioned Kurviger FAQ?

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Will completely uninstall and reinstall the app and as soon as the weather cooperates, drive different routes to see if it helped.

What still doesn’t work at all is the voice output when the display is inactive.


Reinstalled and tested Kurviger Beta3. Voice output now works. But only when the display is on.

Have you given the App the permission to always get your location? You will be asked about this when starting the navigation. This permission is needed to allow the app to get your permission when in background.

Yes I do. The setting are all o.k.

Hallelujah, it works.
After I deleted the app and completely reset the smartphone and reinstalled the app, all functions are as they should be.
Thank you for your tips and always have a good trip.

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Happy too soon. Speech output does not work when Bluetooth is active. The device is connected to the helmet, but nothing comes out. If I switch off Bluetooth, the voice output works via the smartphone correct.

Zu frĂĽh gefreut. Sprachausgabe funktioniert nicht bei aktivem Bluetooth. Smartphones ist zwar mit Helm verbunden, aber es kommt nichts. Schalte ich Bluetooth aus, funktioniert die Sprachausgabe ĂĽber das Smartphone einwandfrei.

Voice output via Bluetooth works flawlessly.
A51 <-> Sena 30K

For me, the volume is extremely low.
Is there a way to change the volume?
Use Sena SRL and Samsung A52s

Bei mir ist die Lautstärke extrem leise.
Gibt es eine Möglickeit die Lautstärke zu verändern?
Verwende Sena SRL and Samsung A52s

We are using the maximum volume for TTS. Have you checked the device volume? Is it possible to increase the volume?

One potential issue on certain Android versions might be that you have to increase a different audio channel (media, notification, phone) - we haven’t completely tracked this issue down, so maybe this helps.

One more thing is that you can check the TTS settings in the Android settings, you can change the volume of the TTS there as well. For Samsung this should be called S-Voice.

Could you please provide more information about your device, BT headset, etc.?

I have tried a few more things, I noticed that when used in parallel with the music player, the announcement works when Kurviger is started first, but if the music playback is started first, the voice output does not work.

Ich habe noch ein paar Sachen ausprobiert, dabei ist mir aufgefallen dass bei paralleler Verwendung mit dem Musikplayer die Ansage funktioniert wenn Kurviger zuerst gestartet wird, wird allerdings zuerst die Musikwiedergabe gestartet funktioniert die Sprachausgabe nicht

Headset: Nolan B 601 R
Smartphone: Samsung S20 +