Map Display problems

[I realize that the Kurviger Liberty street maps is a beta but I have noticed this error:
When resizing the map, a blank square will appear and block out the map behind it. It will not go away. However, if I zoom out or zoom in one level, the map is drawn correctly.

I can see the same effect, also with other map styles. Seems to be a problem of the map tile server.

It is July 2, 2021. I am trying to create new maps in Kurviger. Zooming in “+” causes the map to disappear or “grey out”; no map details; blank or grey screen. If I zoom OUT, I can see my route once again but I am unable to zoom in for good detail. I assume this may be a function of so many other people attempting to use the program, Kurviger, that it cannot handle requests for map details. I am thinking this is a bandwidth problem?

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i have the same problem and it’s quite disturbing (3 july). i don’t know what to do !

Kurviger Liberty Map: empty tiles when zooming in.
With the new design I got quite often empty (grey) tiles within the Kuriviger Liberty Map. Zooming out again and enough brings the tiles back. But with zooming in they are lost again. Moving the map (with the hand) does not help.
Routes/Tracks however are shown completely always.

This problem does not occur with other maps.
The probme occurs with Chrome and the new Edge.

Haven’t had the problem within the old design …

What could be the problem?
Thanks, Ernst

Thanks everyone for reporting this issue. There has been an issue with our hosting provider for the map infrastructure. It should be resolved now. If you still see issues, please let me know.

Nah… still has issues with FAU overlay.

Just to clarify. The FAU layer and many other layers are hosted by external services. These services sometimes work better, sometimes worse and are out of our hands.

We host Kurviger Liberty ourself. This is the recommended map that should work always™.

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Understood. The FAU maps provide more information which is why I prefer it.

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