Kurviger tourer and wunderlinq

I have kurviger tourer+ and a wunderlinq on the bmw 1250gsa I think it worked and it doesn’t and I’m angry, I thought I used my motorcycle’s joystik to drive kurviger tourer+ and nothing works why did you change the first version of kurviger (green) which worked very well?

For the current state of WunderLinq support see here.

There is a long discussion about the end of Kurviger 2.x (the green one)


WunderLINQ works with the current app K3 just like with the old K2 app. What still does not work properly is calling from the WLQ app.

hello I tested again today it does not work I think that developing them is more interested in developing cruiser than kurviger, for having tested cruiser it is not great I prefer more osmand + more precise !!!

I feel like I threw my money away with it’s two cruiser and kurviger apps, only kurviger on PC and well

kurviger beta cannot work with wunderlinq, kurviger’s parameters are basic we cannot validate the external kurviger command which was possible with the first version of kurviger (green) too bad I think I will cancel all my subscriptions to cruiser and kurviger useless for me

Please explain what you are doing.
I repeat myself but WLQ works and I use it myself

There is only one current Kurviger app.
Cruiser is a different app and has nothing to do with current Kurviger.

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thank you for your reply
ok i validate kurviger3 in wunderlinq, contact on the wunderlinq motorcycle opens with bluetooth link wunderlinq menu i validate navigation and nothing does not open from kurviger!!! i manually open kurviger i turn the joystik of the motorcycle no zoom no command i have to do everything manually

in the other apps that I use, an external entry like wunderlinq must be validated in the parameters, which is not possible in kurviger 3 but which was possible in kurviger (green)

Sorry but I do not understand what you are writing here but maybe this is also due to different translations.

For Kurviger K3 so version 3.x.x and WLQ you do not have to adjust anything.

Once the WLQ app is started, you can zoom with the rotary wheel. Of course, you must also switch to Navi mode beforehand on the BMW!

What WLQ app version do you have installed?

sorry for my bad english ! :wink: ok i last version wunderlinq, i connect my phone a wundrlinq switch moto in nav i want open kurviger not possible, and no zoom

Bitte sage mir die Version der WLQ App

wunderlinq 2.0

What do you have in your app version and firmware.

yes i have a same firmware

Then I can’t help you anymore but it’s not a Kurviger or WLQ problem because it works great with zooming.

You can try to delete the WLQ app again but including the cache and files. After that it is like a new installation.

ok thank you for your help i will look again

Just to avoid any misunderstandings, right now, you have to actually start the navigation in the Kurviger App to have a working WLQ. Start navigation, then turning the wheel should change the Zoom level and (back/forwards should work as well).

ok if i understand correctly i open kurviger first and when wunderlinq connects to the bike i can use the wheel to zoom?