Kurviger does not consistently resume audio after navigation prompt

Where there is a music or a podcast app playing in the background while Kurviger is navigating, it will correct pause the music/podcast app before providing navigation instructions, but it does not consistently resume playback afterwards. Maybe 10% of the time it works properly.

Hi Norskie, we had a similar discussion recently here:

The bottom line was: this is still a bit mysterious and seems to depend not only on Kurviger but also the music app you use and your Android version. I can only say that in the code I double-checked, I set the audio to “duck”, and only temporarily. So it should work

Can you please share with which music/podcast apps this is happening to you?

I was using Doggcatcher. It worked properly on Kuriviger Pro. Google maps also ‘ducks’ the audio stream properly.

Phone info: Pixel 6, Android 13.

More info on the behavior:

Occasionally, after Kurviger has paused Doggcatcher and I didn’t bother to restart it, riding in silence for a few minutes, Doggcatcher starts playing again.

Sometimes, after Kurviger has paused Doggcatcher and I didn’t bother to restart it, the next navigation prompt from Kurviger included a sharp blip of noise immediately before Kurviger provided it’s prompt.

I’ll test another app (Poweramp) later today.

I got a chance to test PowerAmp and Spotify Music, both worked properly.

Spotify Podcasts, with one or two exceptions on a short drive, did not even pause the audio.

Wow, that is disheartening, those bugs that sometimes appear and sometimes don’t appear are the worst ones :frowning:
Maybe you can experiment with the audio “channels”, you can find that setting in the Navigation Settings, before you start a navigation in Kurviger 3, when you pull the white sheet upwards. Other than that I cannot really help with this for now

Yeah, as a software engineer I feel your pain.

I don’t see the audio ‘channels’ in the nav settings?

Currently, this is only available in our Beta channel, through Google Play, it will be released in the next days on the public channel, version 3.2.2.