Kurviger 2.0.11 (Beta)

Hi Tom,
du must in “meine Apps und Spiele” dann oben ganz rechts auf den Reiter “Beta” gehen.

Von alleine kommt das Update NICHT!

LG Frank

Just a hint / a question, definitely not urgent: If I understand right
Arrow position
and the answer
the position marker might be placed a little bit more down in “2D, North up” view (center of visible map), especially with two text lines at top border.

If yes, should it work already in 2.0.7?

As far as I can see, the position marker is still centered on screen:

This was discussed in the internal closed test.
So most users cannot read that discussion. :slightly_smiling_face:

There was no change.

The discussion was about the Y position shift lower in map rotation.
(outside map rotation, the map center is always used)

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Kurviger 2
Wie bekomme ich die Umrandung weg?Auch der Strassenname ist ausgeschaltet aber das Feld ist da.Ich sehe keine Tankstellen mehr.

It will be removed in next update.

It can be disabled in “Settings | Navigation | Turn instruction”.
(this is not “Street name” display)

They can be enabled with menu “Map | Map layers”.

So die Tankstellen werden angezeigt
Aber ich bekomme den Strassenname nicht weg.Ist in den Einstellungen ausgeschaltet.

It is not “Street name”, this is the next turn instruction.
(it has the next turn icon)

It can be disabled in “Settings | Navigation | Turn instruction”.

Habs geschnallt :+1:
Gruss Rolf

Kurviger 2.0.8 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Various improvements

Icon background color of Kurviger 2.08 and Kurviger Pro now different, even on home screen :+1:
Reduces risk to mix them up a lot:

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The previous combination was strange: gray + indigo colors.
For now I used teal colors (like already exist in app dialogs).

Should pressed buttons remain blue?
(blue buttons are more common)

Anyway it is not final…
If there is a better suggestion from Material collection:

I also recognized the different icon color, that’s nice. Helps better identifiy the 1 Pro and 2.x.
I don’t know much about design. You can influence the colour of the arrow via the foreground colour. For me, it would be consistent if the colour of the text and the colour of the pressed button were adjusted to the same colour, because otherwise you might have two different shades of blue on the screen, which would look like a break in style.
But that is not really important to me. More important for me is that I can read the nav bar texts during navigation. It’s just a thought.

Don’t know if this is possible and if it is good looking: would it be technically easy to adjust the arrow and text filling with the foreground color options and the shaddow/border with the background color options? Maybe just for testing in 2.0.9 and if the majority of users says good, then keep, otherwise take back.

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Wenn man die Einstellungen von der Kurviger Pro App mit der Kurviger 2 App importiert hat man dann die gleichen Optionen verfügbar.
Somit bräuchte ich nur die Kurviger 2 App auf dem Handy.

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Hatte anfänglich ein ähnliches Problem: du musst eine importierte Route am Anfang einmal neu berechnen lassen (also statt: Unverändert z.B. *Route zum Startpunkt" auswählen). Danach funktionieren auch die “neuen” Features.
I had the same problem when trying it the first time. When you import an existing route you have to recalculate the route during import (e.g. select Route to starting point instead of unchanged). After that the new features work (for me ;))

See my answer here:

Ja genau - hatte eine alte .kurviger Datei “Unverändert” importiert und hatte weder aktuelle Straße noch Geschwindigkeitsanzeige / -warnung. Durch eure Versionshinweise habe ich dann auch verstanden, dass ich das einfach nochmal neu berechnen lassen muss.

Yes exactly - did import an older .kurviger file “Unchanged” and did not see current street name and speed limits. Through your version notes I found out that you have to recalculate the route during import and then everything works fine.

Kurviger 2.0.9 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: start navigation without GPS (Pro)

You can start navigation even without a GPS signal.

- Navigation: new user interface design (Pro)

New improved appearance of the navigation user interface.
You can change the background / icon / font colors of the display panels.

Available in “Settings | Application".

- GPS logging: import GPX tracks (Pro)

Import tracks from GPX files into the GPS logging database of recorded tracks.

Available in GPS logging button.

- Map: location marker / arrow color

Location color now works in both location appearances (Normal | Advanced).

Available in “Settings | Location | Location color".

- Various improvements

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I like it :bath::ok_hand:

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