Kurviger 2.0.11 (Beta)

Bitte schau mal in der Doku:
DE: Kurviger Pro 1.x: Navigation, Simulation, GPS-Aufzeichnung, Displaysperre, Rerouting, Mehr, Offline-Benutzung [Kurviger Knowledgebase]
EN: Kurviger Pro 1.x: Navigation, Simulation, GPS logging, Screen lock, Rerouting, More, Offline use [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

Hilft das weiter? Bitte um kurze Rückmeldung. Danke im Voraus.

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Do you mean the GPS logging’s recorded track?
It is stored in app’s private storage and you can already export it as GPX.

Currently it cannot be re-imported in the app.
This is an interesting idea: import saved tracks in GPS logging.
I can see how it is possible to implement.

Really not be re-imported? Not at GPS logging, but should be possible to import the gpx file at
Menu-Button > Routing > Import
as Overlay?

Or am I wrong with this?

Danke, das hat geholfen, ich habe den GPS-Track gespeichert und als Overlay in Kurviger 2 importiert.


Okay, ich bin davon ausgegangen wenn ich die Navigation auf 3D nutze bzw. im Menü darauf einstelle, dass der Folgemodus auch automatisch in 3D ausgeführt wird. Danke aber trotzdem für die Info.

Okay, I assumed when I use the navigation on 3D or set it in the menu that the follow mode is also automatically executed in 3D. But thanks for the info anyway.

This would be nice, I like this feature in Calimoto, where I can see, where I have already been. This gives me nice memories.
I would like to have the opportunity to save routes,which I have done and to copy them to a new mobile phone.

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I thought the question is to re-import a GPX file as recorded track in GPS logging?

Of course you can import GPX files as overlays!
Please see the manual:

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Follow mode has its own options when tap the compass.

You can enable the “Settings | Navigation | Follow after arrival”.
After arrival at destination, follow continues with same 2D / 3D.

Also bei mir ist die Navigation nicht im 3D geblieben. Auch als ich dann die Route gelöscht habe und den Folgemodus gestartet habe ist es nicht auf 3D gesprungen. In der Version 1 ging das auch so, deshalb bin ich ja verwundert. Vielleicht schaut ihr da nochmal drüber.
Aber der Tipp mit dem Kompass war auch schon super

So for me, the navigation did not stay in 3D. Even when I deleted the route and started the follow mode it did not jump to 3D. In version 1 it also worked like that, that’s why I’m surprised. Maybe you look at it again.
But the tip with the compass was also already great

Navigation stays in the mode you set it to work.

Follow location after navigation uses navigation 2D / 3D mode,
if you have enabled “Settings | Navigation | Follow after arrival”.

If you delete the route, you stop navigation.
If you start the follow via long press the location button, this is not navigation.
Then you need to tap compass to select the map orientation.

Please explain exactly the steps and options, so we can understand what happens.

Ja, hier ein Screenshot


Hört sich gut an, bei mir funktioniert das einfach nicht. Habe Kurviger Free jetzt schon mehrfach neu installiert, Werbung akzeptiert und auch den Link für das Beta Programm angeklickt, aber die Version 2 kommt einfach nicht.

I installed Kurviger 1 Free from the Store because if I click on the Kurviger 1 Free link I get the information that the google account which I use in the web is not the same that I use on my device. Maybe this is why it is not working?

Google is responsible and handles Google Play updates.
If you have done everything correctly, you can only wait for the update.

You must register in the Beta program with your device Google account.
How else will Google Play know that an account is registered in the program?

ok seems to be the problem. When I now use the link for install I am asked to select the device of 4. Is this version then only running on this one device? Do I have then to use this link on all other devices too to use the Beta or is this then done automatically?

Please just follow the instructions:

Google links the apps and purchases with the accounts.
You can see Google Play Help for more details.

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Vielleicht meint er die tausende km-langen GPS-Aufzeichnungen, die auf dem Display angezeigt werden können.

Perhaps he means the thousands of kilometers of GPS records that can be shown on the display.

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