Kurviger 1.10.4 (Beta)

This is better, but there is still no possibility to get the “route missed” info only once, without getting a signal every 60s.

My idea above was something like this:
Off … 1s - 60s … “route missed” info only once

Anyway, no big deal.


Funktioniert wunderbar, Danke.

Works fine, thanks.

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Kurviger 1.10.2 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Navigation: voice language options (Pro)

Select navigation voice language separately from app language.

- Navigation: Czech, Italian, Polish, Swedish voice navigation (Pro)

New voice languages available for navigation and more to come.

- Various improvements

Separate options for off route warning + off route tone frequency.

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Today I did a short testride on this route
Looks promising. :+1:


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I like it.

One observation with off route behavior:

When you return back to the route V1.10.2 doesn’t trigger any voice instructions at this point.
It might even skip the next turn instruction if it is too close.
I think this is OK.
Pre V1.10 versions immediately triggered the next turn instruction, even slightly before you were back on route, which was often misleading because it was too early.

:+1: Intuitive user interface here.


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There isn’t anything specific changed in that area. When resume route the voice messages start playing again based on their frequency options.

:thinking: Maybe, in my test scenario I returned to a route point where I’ve already been.
I just did a few “leave the route and return back” for testing purpose.

Kurviger 1.10.4 (Beta) is on Google Play (instructions):

- Routing: (optionally) arrows show the route direction

An option in routing settings shows the route(s) direction with arrows, useful for route planning or navigation.

- Stability improvements


The website just received a route direction indication as well :partying_face:.


LIKE! :+1:t2:

You’re BOTH awesome :grinning:


Thanks for your great work. I learn every time I use Kurviger more about the app. Do I have to activate the arrows somewhere? It doesn’t show up and I can’t find something. 1.10.4 (Beta) is installed.

Many thanks, Nico

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Can be enabled in “Settings | Routing | Route direction”.

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Got it. Thanks for your quick reply. I will try it at my next trip.

Regards, Nico

Just realized that the arrow’s color even depends on the route color (brightness). :art:

Great work :smile:! (at first I thought this is because I’m using the dark app theme)

Route arrows + outline color depend on selected route color’s luminance.
White on dark colors, black on light colors, seen also in color preference.

Nice new feature, nevertheless I wonder if the strict follow route option would be available for next week where I could test this intensively on 2 days approach and return journey and 3 days rallys (round trip tours) from and to same location.

I think asked that already 2 times here and here? :slightly_smiling_face:

To repeat the obvious again, when there is time I could think a different algorithm implementation.

Cannot offer ETA for any feature and to prevent any popularity reactions, votes are nothing more than an indicator from (1) only active forum users and (2) specially those willing to vote.

I determine the implementation order based on importance, easiness, popularity and many more other factors.

So everyone really should remain patient and wait for any features implementation.

I am not Harry Potter! :mage:

Sure, it was just a question, I didn’t catch an obvious answer or do you mean no answer is obvious? :laughing: