K3 to be expected new functions or imputing

Would it be possible to provide a list of open actions and their status, possibly expected date?
I’ve got personal top priorities, but it’s difficult to check if they are already covered, being planned or being worked on.
My personal top priorities are;

  1. During navigation there is a lag between the arrow which shows my position and my real position. As a result I missed turns and this happens to much. The arrow should be on front of my real position. Sort of predicting sheet i will be in 2 seconds like in all other navigation apps.
  2. POI on route should be shown for selected POI like gas station, speed cameras. For these POI it should be possible to set how many you want to see (f.e. Next 3 gas stations). Cruiser has successfully implemented this functionality.
  3. Settings should provide much more parameters which can be changed according to each personal needs. See K2. At this moment the number of changeable parameters is a joke.
  4. When importing different routes it should be possible as in K2 to select the colour of the overlay. As such different routes can be compared
  5. Max allowed speed should be shown
  6. Allow showing kompass.
  7. Use downloaded maps for planning off line

K3 is great, but it’s still far from what K2 allowed you to do…
Hoping this will be there soon.

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You can find some of the planned features here Planned features. We don’t provide dates.

I think all of your mentioned points have been discussed here no the forum multiple times. It would be great if we could keep one topic in one forum discussion.

Hi Robin,
I’ve taken a look at the planned features.
I don’t find any of the mentioned app request in the planned features, although most of all of them have been discussed in the forum.
Am I looking at the wrong overview?
Could you elaborate on this? It would be very disappointing if none of my requests are taken up in the planning.
At the forum I get another impression on what’s being worked on.
Thanks for letting me know.

The app has not even celebrated its first birthday. I think everyone here in the forum has their favorite features, which should be implemented urgently. Maybe we should turn the view to things which are already there in the short time. With each update, new features and settings will follow.

You’re right. I think I got confused with the info on merchandising. Normally merchandising is only started when a product is mostly finished. Secondly, the planned features list is not satisfying. We’ll see.
I keep hoping.

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I am working also in a software company. My collegue once explained, that a software is only finished, when the programmer stops programming. I hope for a long time to go … :blush:


Me again. Just to avoid misunderstandings.
I liked it that you wrote, what are your most annoying points. Excellent. You would have got a like from me for sure. But giving a like would have expressed (in my mind), that your requirements are more important than those of anybody else. I am sure Robin is aware of all your points.

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Schönen Gruß an deinen Kollegen. Eine Software ist niemals fertig und wenn der Programmierer aufhört zu programmieren ist die Software tot (meiner Meinung nach!)

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For example your 2) Add POIs / Fuel-Stations during the navigation

Just to clarify, the planned features category is certainly not a complete list, and some of your requested features are not planned right now, so they won’t be on the list. If there is a thread with a feature request about one feature, with a bit of info what the feature should cover, we can move this to the planned route, if this is something we have planned and there are certainly thread where we forgot to move them, so if you find one, please feel free to let us know in the thread and we can talk about moving it.

Starting using kurviger on the PC of looks to me that K3 is taking al the functionality of the web solution, but neglecting what the app had to offer. The requirements I stated are available in K2 or were taken in the to do list of K2. Sadly enough I don’t see this happening in the K3 app, where the focus seems to remain on getting the web solution in the app.
I believe that most people who are using the web stay on the web and ride withe another app. Those like myself who plan on the app mostly also use it to navigate. Therefor having the old app functionalities in K3 app is more important than having the web functionalities only. I don’t see this as “my” requirements being more important than others.
I would so much like you to prove me wrong.
It’s a long reply, which basically represents how important K3 is for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think that K3 has another philosophy than K2 and it will not be a clone. I agree, that the app works quite the same as the web and I think that this is very good. Sure, an app needs some additional or different functions.

Let us know what are for you the “most annoying ones”. Perhaps the “Top 3”, then it might be easier for the devs to answer.


I apologize. I have not read the thread completely. You have already listed your most annoying. Let us be a little more patient. It is getting very cold, at least here, not a good time to ride and the last update is some time ago.

By the way …

@boldtrn - Have we missed it? What does the chronicler say to be the birthday?

I guess we could discuss about the birthday of K3. Is it the end of BETA? The release of the BETA? When we wrote the first line of code?

We released the BETA of K3 on Dec 12th 2022.

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I think, this is good day. End of beta is in my mind just a decision.