Add POIs / Fuel-Stations during the navigation

In the future we want to add the option in the (…) menu to add a fuel station or other POIs during the ride. The idea would be that you can see POIs that are close to the route and you can add them to the route, without having to exit the navigation and use the route planning view.

Will these POIs be visible on the map or somewhere in in a list?
Selectable which POIs are visible?

Imho it would be the best to carry over the selected POIs from planning mode to prevent different setups.

Just to clarify, this thread is about adding a specific POI to the route during the navigation, not about showing them all the time on the map. Both are important future additions to Kurviger though :+1:

I think the best option to show these would be the map.

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The best solution is the a solutions similar to sygic, its show in real time what amouunt of kms are the next fuelstation in the route.
With this, you can think in the stops during the route