K3 Beta: Routing from current position

Routing from current position. position not inserted into start field for planning. Turning clock continues forever. Google pos is ok

(Debug information, this helps us helping you, you can remove this if you don’t want to share this data, it should not contain any personal or sensitive information)
Device: alps - F9212B - Android: 9.1 - WebView: 107.0.5304.141
App-Version: 3.0.0 - 249

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Thanks for reporting this issue.

Does it work, after Google Maps found your location?

What type of device is this? Is this a car radio with Android?

I am assuming, the app asked for location permission, and you gave the app the location permission?

Yes, GPS fix was present. Google had the position immediately. Kurviger still not. I realised that the map besides the planning section did not show any position during planning. I also realised that there is no “follow mode” where you can see your position w/out route active.
Its a Chineese Android Car radio; old Kurviger was working OK, so do other nav APPs.
WRT. permissions, I can’t exactly remember, but it was working, navigating through a route, created and downloaded from PC/cloud. I 1st ran this navigation w/out any probs. Then on the way home, I wanted to start from current position, where I ran into this prob.

It appears 2b a TAB issue. I can’t reproduce the prob on my Huawei FIG_LX1 under Android 9.1.0.
But I have the same behavior on my Levono Tab TB-X304F Android 8.1.0. Please note from the screenshot (Alps) that there’s no “Standort” icon visible. Same on my Levono, where I see All Europe on the planning with no position.
I checked the APP permissions under Android settings, they are granted!

1 more little thing: On tablets you can’t wipe out the left part of the screen. The bracket “<” is w/out any effect.

Hi Ive, thanks for the detailed description and the screenshot. It appears I got some width-measurements wrong in the code. Can you please try to use your tablet in portrait mode (upright so to speak, like a smartphone) and see if the “locate me” button re-appears / if the “<” bracket gives way to the mobile layout? I will use your devices as reference models in testing in the future, these seem to be some interesting screen densities, thank you again

Hi there,
for my car radio it will be difficult, unless you come and we put my car on the side.
For my Levono Tab, no change, no cure in Portrait. (No wipe out, No Standort Icon)
It (wipe out) also doesn’t work on my PC Win 11 MS-Edge.
BTW, I’m Hans, not Ive, but I live in France.

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Thanks again for the report. Could clarify for me, if the app can find your location correctly or not? For example if you plan a simple route close to your location and start the navigation, is the location icon at the right location?

I will double check that the location button will appear on your device :+1:

yes, that’s what I wrote here:

It can locate me in navigate mode.
Please read the following w/ developer eyes!
I think the problem comes from copying code HTML from your web site. On cold start, I have the same behavior there. When you start your web application, it appears to me that you do NO position request at the beginning. This is OK, because most PCs do not provide location services, so there is no point asking for a position. The case “start from my current position” is a specific mobile/tab use case, but not for PC. On the PC I have to click “locate me” which unfortunately is currently not available on Android tabs. In nav mode, the app connects properly to the Android location service, but back in planning mode, this connection seems 2b lost and hence, “start from current location” does not work, because the app does not re-connect to the location service.

Thanks for verifying, I wasn’t 100% sure if the issue might be related to the GPS itself.

The button will be available with the next update. In the meantime you can use the input to select your current location.

Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 18.49.25

We are aware of that :slight_smile: - this is one feature that is already on our todo list.

OK, but I was mistaken in my last post. Starting your web site cold, there is no location, but there is also no “locate me” button as well. I run on my PC the MS location simulation service, which allows me to use locations. (I’m also developing) The difference between the web and the APP is following.
If I am in planning mode both show at the beginning no location and no locate me button. But when I click into the Start field and I select “Use my current location” on the PC, the web app uses the PC location. The Android APP goes lost, if I do the same in there.

IMHO, you have to make sure that the APP will directly at start connect to the Android location service and keep it open. This will do:

  1. give a chance to the GPS to locate when in cold start
  2. show the current position already in planning mode
  3. enable a non routed “follow me” mode on the map

What does this mean?

Yes, these are things on our todo list :+1:

That said, we ask the OS to provide us with a location fix, the fix sometimes takes some time. This will be a lot better when we follow the location.

Starting point: Cold start both Web and Android App
Situation: In planning mode both show at the beginning no location and no locate me button.
Action on PC/web: When I click into the Start field and I select “Use my current location” the web app uses the PC location.
Action on Android: When I click into the Start field and I select “Use my current location” the Android APP goes lost, i.e. turning clock “waiting” in the Start Field turns forever.

That said, we ask the OS to provide us with a location fix, the fix sometimes takes some time. This will be a lot better when we follow the location.

Sorry if I contest, w/out knowing the code, but there must be something else wrong, because (as in my case, GPS fixed) it can’t take sooooo long.
I did some other app for myself and I used the location services as well. Beware that Android is a terrible tricky thing with a whole lotta own decision mechanisms, if what YOU want is in line, what Android thinks “what you SHOULD” want! Actually, having programmed in almost every possible language and OS since 1980s, I’ve never come across such a awful OS!

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Thats the behavior on my smartphone if “Location” is not activated:

Last not least, don’t underestimate the use of tablets for navigation, like this and many others and please compile also for older APIs, say down to Android 5?


I see the same problem: Hiding left panel does not work with last Kurviger3 Version.
But it was possible xwith previous versions (I did not save the APK, so I can not switch back for further tests).


yet found another issue WRT. Tablets. On my navigation device, similar to the tablet, as linked above
Kurviger is forced into Portrait Mode and there’s no way getting it into Landscape, which is the natural way, using such a device.

This is a known issue.
There is a detailed list with things that don’t work as expected yet .