How to start app using Google Voice?

When riding I start and use all of my apps using Google Voice.

I have not found a way to start the Kurviger app because Google Voice always thinks I’m saying “open app curvature” and will open the website at, or will do a web search instead.

Is there any actual way to open the app using Google Voice?

Hello Allen,
the Google Assistant is very limited.
There is a Workaround:
Open Google Assistant
Select Action
Add your command: “Navigation” (example)
Add Action:“Open Kurviger App”
The Comand “Navigation” is better reconizable for Goggle Voice Assistant
May it looks a litte different on your phone, because my phone is in german language.


To use Google Assistant with app internal actions,
apps must support Google Assistant in their code.

I may see it in the future:


Thank you, I set up a routine, and it works now. Will test using the Bluetooth while riding later today.

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