How to repeat turn instructions

Hi. In the last version a spoken announcement came up when i tapped on the upper button on the left and I could repeat it with no limit. Now the new menu comes up. Where do I have to tap to get the announcements repeated?
Thanks Marcus

Nice that you had found that “hidden” feature. :slightly_smiling_face:

We use now the tap on next instruction for the new navigation menu.

Do you find useful the announcement repeat if tap next instruction, how did you use it while in motion?
Instructions are normally announced periodically at proper distances.

Do you mean “turn instruction” instead of “traffic instruction”?
Then better change title to avoid mixture with traffic (jam) announcements, which just where focus of another topic.

I used it only for checking the loudness in my headset. Sometimes I think the turn instructions are not that loud as the music is. And both are comíng through the same channel.

changed. thanks i was missing the words. :slight_smile:

Indeed that seems an interesting usage and we need to think how can offer it again. :slight_smile:

Can also check in Settings | Voice guidance the options about selecting different output channel or amplify the speech volume.

Thx! :+1:t4: Will delete then soon this 3 posts.

Hehe, I did the same :laughing:
But the new “Navigation action menu” outweighs this little loss by far
My workaround is: “stop / start navigation”
When navigation is starting, voice guidance is played.

Way to complicated for this purpose.
I can change the volume with a control wheel on the headset and have used this to check the volume on the road.


As an alternative to check the loudness you can try to double press the navigation button, usually this results in a spoken instruction.

@devemux86, we could think about a button in the menu to read a test instruction to check the loudness?

There are still available navigation panels to use for tap events:
e.g. the long top display with address, can move there that function.


Ah, that’s a good point actually. This could work :slight_smile:

I enabled it and will exist in next Kurviger version. :slightly_smiling_face:

Implemented in Kurviger 1.4.2.

Can repeat turn instructions if tap address panel (top of screen).

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perfect. thanks.

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