Failed to run Android app

I advised a friend to install kurviger on his phone.
But it doesn’t run. We see this picture.

Kurviger is running okay in Google Chrome.
He has a low budget alcatel phone.
I install android system webview, but it’s not running.

Check if Chrome is up to date!
If Chrome is up to date on your device, you could check if you can install or update this app:
Uhh, I did not notice that you have already installed webview. :neutral_face:

Seems to be related to this threads:

Yes it does.
I can’t find a solution in this thread.

Chrome is updated and kurviger web is running okay.
Webview is installed so also up to date.
And we restart the phone.

Just to make sure, there are no other updates available for the phone? With some non mainstream manufacturers we have seen issues where the webview part of the OS update or some other weird browser or something like this. We haven’t really found a pattern so far.

Okay we updated all the system and Google apps.
And the kurviger app is running.
Thanks for reply and help.