Export Tracks?

Hi, Kurviger does not allow me to export a track. Route generated is different to real track in some sections, I try to create a manual route by adding waypoints on the track, but same result: in some sections Kurviger selects a different route to join the points. I have already know that it is because of OpenStreetMap, OK , but is there any way to export my track keeping my real route?.


Hm sorry maybe I’m misunderstanding you, but it looks to me like you’re already doing exactly the right thing, you’re already exporting a track, otherwise you wouldn’t have the red dotted line :thinking:

As you mention, the IMPORT back into kurviger is probably what’s tripping you up. Note that kurviger will ALWAYS calculate a route, based on its algorithm (and yes, OSM), that’s its job. Kurviger takes the data that it finds and then… Well… Generates a curvy road

I bet that when you take your exported track and upload it to a TomTom it would work as you expect. On a kurviger map it won’t, at least not until this feature request is done: App / Website: Straight-Line / Point Planning mode / Plotting a track on unsurfaced roads

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Note: what is exported is the calculated route that “could be similar” to an imported track.

Check also the details / hints in How to import a GPX Track into Kurviger documentation.

And need to take care the route type and the advanced options as they affect the routing.

Also please include an example url or file, so that community can better check the report.

Exactly, what confused me, was the re-importation to Kurviger; because what I intend is to share the route with other friends, who do not use Kurviger, and in this case, with other software, the track is correct.
Thank you all.