Energy management of kurviger Pro

Hi all, since the last update my mobile is running out ot battery while kurviger Pro is running. The mobile is connected to the 12V of my bike. Loading with 1A.
When I skip kurviger Pro the battery is charged. With kurviger Pro running battery is going down.
When other Apps are running like OK Google, Music, WhatsApp, an app which reads WhatsApp messages… battery will be charged. Only when kurviger Pro is running, the battery is going down.
Any Ideas?
regards Marcus

Can you give more details what the app is doing exactly during your observations, what app options are enabled, etc.?

Have not seen something similar. What device is that?

In any case can disable Kalman filter in Settings | Map and see if it’s too much for the specific device.

Also cannot really compare background apps which not do much except polling messages or play music with full featured navigators, the requirements are quite different.

Regarding charger / cable quality and needed amperes, can check a relevant discussion here:

mobile: Samsung Galaxy Note 3
display is on; brightness is on automatic medium
kurviger Pro leads me through an existing track; no new calculation when leaving the track.
What I am trying now:

  1. charging with 2,5 A
  2. switch the brightness to non automatic medium
    I will report.

Due to my experience, loading a phone with 1A during operation is too low. I almost killed my phone last year, because it became hot and the sun in addition made the phone (luckily!) shut down.
After switching to a 2.1A loading device, this problem vanished.
I also have read reports in the net that describe this problem as a common issue.
I don’t believe that this is a problem specially triggered by Kurviger.



Michael, that’s it. Thanks. Problem fixed.