Edit coordinates of saved favorite


I am using the website. I need to edit the coordinates of saved favorites; last year I was able to do itbut with the new version I can not find the option. Can somebody help me?


Never changed the coordinates of a favorite - but I think you have to delete the entry and create a new one with the changed position … :woozy_face:


Just for my curiosity, why do you want to change coordinates of a bookmarked favourite?

Hehe, good question. I am participating to a challenge in Italy called Centopassi (www.centopassi.net). In this challenge, you receive a map with over 500 waypoints and a finish line, and you have to choose 100 of them, build your own path and then try to drive through all of them in the 4 days of competition. The fact is, first you have to declare the 100 waypoints of your choice and only then you get the exact coordinates. So first I placed them approximately and now I need to correct them.

Anyway I found a workaround, I exported them to a gpx file, edited it in a text editor and reimported them. It is quite fast actually.


There was a similar discussion here.

The developers think changing a fovorite’s coordinates could lead to wrong expectations. For example, that by changing the coordinates of a favorite all routes should be changed as well. So for now the idea is to keep it simple.