Don't display driveways

The OSM dataset has roads tagged as driveways, and recently Amazon has added millions to help with their deliveries. There’s seldom (or never) a reason to use them on a motorcycle route, and they clutter/confuse.

At least they should be optional, and the default should be OFF.

What specific OSM tag do you mean?
Please post a link in OSM documentation.

Why it is a problem?
Please post a map image so all users can check it.

Note that only the offline maps and styles can be adjusted.

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The main problem is with these
Tag:service=driveway - OpenStreetMap Wiki
but sometimes driveways are also tagged
Tag:highway=service - OpenStreetMap Wiki
Unfortunately, ridable roads also sometime have the second tag. Maybe if they run from a real road to nowhere they could be excluded.

Only the highway=service tag is included in offline map style.

Here’s an example where I live, see all the little hairs on the roads. They weren’t there three years ago. I’m sure they’re helpful for a delivery driver, but just clutter on a motorcycle ride.

This is an online map.

Please try with offline maps.

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