Can distance updates exclude shaping points?

On the new K3 app, I see distance updates relative to shaping points. I would like it if I only saw distance updates for the next turn or action (not shaping points). Is that possible? If not, I would request that the team considers this option in a future release. When I’m leading a group and giving updates, I like to be able to look down and quickly see how far it is to the next turn (or action), and the Shaping points interfere with that.

Thank you for all your hard work! I am a happy Tourer+ subscriber, and use the web app and Android app when planning every trip.

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I fully agree with the request.

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I do not think, that this interferes. In your case it is easy. You reach the next waypoint/destination at 8:13pm in 17 miles. In case you would have more via-points the lower bar would change to time and distance to the next via-point. The upper left box would not show you the distance to the next via-point or destination, but to the next event like next crossing for example.

Here you see the shaping point is in 40m, but next waypoint in 400m.

If the shaping point should be announced or shown at all is a general question. For me it is fine.

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Bonjour, je demande aussi que les balises (shaping) ne soient pas annoncées mais seulement les étapes (waypoints) car si une balise est avant et proche de l’étape on n’a pas l’annonce de l’étape tant que la balise n’est pas atteinte.

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Understand. Perhaps @Dennis meant “how far is to next action?” But the question was:

Perhaps he can clarify.

@Toffel and @Motobylette - Thank you for jogging my memory. I was mistaken when I worded my post. I knew there was a reason the Shaping points interfered, but forgot that it was with the “next turn” distance. (I edited my first post to more clearly communicate this.)

When I am with a group on a specific route that has off road sections, the creation of that route sometimes requires a lot of Shaping points. When we are riding, we often want to know how far it is to the next turn, because that is likely where the section of road will change again. But when the app is giving updates for every Shaping point, it interferes with knowing how far until the next turn or “real” action.

I use Shaping points only as a tool to get the route to follow a very specific track or route. I do not want updates on Shaping points when riding. If I do want an update on a point I have inserted, I would make it a Via point.


Please also see the related discussion here: App: Navigation ignore Shaping Points

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Bonjour audacieux, j’ai relu le premier discussion, bravo vous avez supprimer les annonces vocales des balises (shaping).

Notre demande aujourd’hui est de supprimer l’annonce affichée en haut a gauche de la prochaine balise et de faire apparaître le prochain changement de direction (ou la prochaine étape wp). Cela permet de recevoir l’annonce vocale assez tôt si la balise est proche du changement de direction (d’ailleurs pour éviter le problème je mets les balises APRÈS un changement de direction).

Merci d’avance si vous pouviez supprimer l’affichage en haut a gauche de la prochaine balise pour faire apparaître le prochain changement de route ou la prochaine étape s’il n’y a plus de changement de route.

Thanks, Robin, for your reply and the link to the “Planned feature” post. I do believe we are asking for the same thing, to exclude Shaping points from directional updates or estimates during navigation. I’m not sure how difficult that is to implement, but I will be happy if it becomes a standard feature in future versions of the app. As long as it is on the team’s radar, that is all I can ask.