Avoid options per route profile

I’m trying to set the default actions for:

Fastest Route

  1. Avoid narrow roads
  2. Avoid unpaved roads.

Fast and Curvy

  1. Avoid toll roads
  2. Avoid motorways
  3. Avoid unpaved roads

Problem is that it will not save these preferences but I have to mark and unmark before every time I start to navigate.

Is there a way how to save these options permanently?

It works as designed (on the website too).

Route profile + avoid options can be selected together or separately.
There is no memory of separate avoid options for each route profile.

Also note that each time you load a kurviger file or link or tour code,
the route profile + avoid options change to those of the loaded route.

So it is not possible to keep permanent route profiles + avoid options.

Thank you for the explanation, so basically every time I set a route I mark my options. I think it would have been beneficial to set our preferences and saved as profiles.

Never mind, the app never stops amazing me with the lovely routes it picks when in no rush to reach my destination. Superb.

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Thanks for the nice words and support. :slightly_smiling_face:

Your idea is interesting, it could be viewed outside of route profiles.
As route profile + options change automatically with loaded routes.

e.g. “user profiles”, each one having its own route profile / options.

But this is like discussing about a new and very advanced feature.

Sounds nice to quickly overwrite the settings that come with the route.