Automatische Benennung der Wegpunkte

Please tell us why?

weil es ein erheblicher MEHRAUFWAND ist die Waipoints umzubenennen … genau deswegen habe ich das PRO-Paket gebucht damit Waypoint-Namen mit exportiert werden … ob ich jetzt einen Waypoint - WEGPUNKT1 - benenne oder so benenne wie der Biker den gesucht hat … ist doch EASY umzusetzen - oder - ??

ich fahr wirklich viel … ca. 25.000km im Jahr …

Auf der Webseite bucht man nicht das PRO-Paket sondern das TOURER-Paket. Bitte nicht Äpfel mit Birnen verwechseln :wink:.

Mit deinen Worten:

Hi WalterG …

herzlichen Dank für die schnelle Antwort !!

hab’s grad geprüft … ich hab das Tourer-Paket gebucht …

kannst Du mein Problem nachvollziehen ??

Früher hab ich mit Robin noch persönlich geschrieben - heute ist das leider nicht mehr möglich - habe auch einige bereits umgesetzte Funktions-Erweiterungen eingebracht …

wie gesagt … bei einer Tour mit VIELEN exakt benannten Wegpunkten macht es für mich keinen Sinn, alle händisch umzubenennen …

beste Grüße, Roberts

I just want to understand why you want to name all waypoints.
I understand a few places where you want to stop for food, sightseeing, etc. but that should be possible manually.

Ja, kann ich. Aber wenn man das ganze etwas weiter denkt, ist das nicht mehr so EASY wie du zunächst denkst. Hierzu mal ein Link zu einer ähnlichen Schilderung, bei der aber im Hintergrund die gleichen Ansätze zu lösen sind:

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for example you are going to austria and the dolomites for a very long ride … you’ve got a load of waypoints … some for mountain-passes, roads to go and towns to visit … and believe me hundred is not less … I want to know what is the name of the next destination - or - you decide not to visit a certain destination then it’s much more easy to drop this waypoint having a name instead of WAYPOINT99 … hope this helps to undersand …

the implementation could be very easy like this …

IF waypoint/destination is given (and only then) via keyboard
AND waypoint/destination is not a coordinate THEN
set the waypoint name = to given destination

this will help also if a named waypoint is moved from e.g a name of a hotel to somewhere else … then the waypoint ist set back to WAYPOINT99 because it’s not a given name - it’s a coordinate

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It is not as easy as you think. If you move a WP it should not automatically renamed.

  • Assume, you have searched “München” => your waypoint would be automatically named e.g. “München, BY, Deutschland”
  • Now you move the WP to the exact place you want to go.
  • You certainly do not want the name to be replaced by coordinates.

The thing is, we differentiate between the Address and the Name.

If you use the search field, you set the address and not the Name.

I think we could discuss about using the address as name in the exported GPX file, if there is no name set?

Hi Robin nice to hear from you again !!

yes that would be an opinion …

best regards Robert

What do others think about this? Is this something you would like to see?

And why not in a .kurviger file as well?

I’m fine with the actual situation, because I name only really important waypoints (and put the estimated arrival time in there names).

Waypoints already have names in kurviger / gpx files,
if they previously have names in the existing routes.

Waypoint names in the exported files must come from the waypoint names in the existing route.
(not generated later during export)

In the app, waypoints created from search or bookmarks are automatically named.

I mentioned GPX because this discussion was about GPX, I am happy to discuss about other formats as well.

I plan a route meanwhile with 90% shaping points and 10% waypoints. Sample: Kurviger

This has the advantage that only the crucial destinations are displayed during navigation with remaining distance. I rename those few manually, not really a problem. I formerly also created a route with 100% waypoints and no shaping points but this did not really help to see if my next point on the route is e. g. ‘K156’ or simply ‘Waypoint X’. An automated naming of waypoints might help, but nothing important for me personally.


I can agree with hellsguenni 100%, I personally don’t see the need for it either.

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Same here. And I don’t even rename these waypoints.
If I want to stop somewhere, I know that and recognize this point when I reach it.

I don’t need that either.
Waypoints are just placeholders to fix a planned route. Shaping points are renamed manually --》 these are active stops.

You mixed it up - for definition please see


I like it ! I am a subscriber and have been using Kurgiver for over a year. I use the Website for planning trips. As an iPhone user I also export GPX files to my Garmin XT - all very nice. I’ve had a good look around the Forum and cannot see this discussed.

My suggestion: When creating a route can you automatically create a Waypoint name by using the address or place name rather than the Coordinates - similiar to what occurs when a POI is selected as a point. The same data this is available in the What’s Here screen.

When I create a trip I generally right click the WayPoints or Shaping Points on the map from Start to End. Simple. I find that I spend a lot of time going into each Point and giving it a name that is meaningful to both myself and the people who I send a screenshot or GPX to so they can understand at location level.

I’ve included a screenshot showing a very short trip with commentary in the Waypoint Names to explain the desired outcomes.

Love your work !!

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