Automatische Benennung der Wegpunkte

I like it ! I am a subscriber and have been using Kurgiver for over a year. I use the Website for planning trips. As an iPhone user I also export GPX files to my Garmin XT - all very nice. I’ve had a good look around the Forum and cannot see this discussed.

My suggestion: When creating a route can you automatically create a Waypoint name by using the address or place name rather than the Coordinates - similiar to what occurs when a POI is selected as a point. The same data this is available in the What’s Here screen.

When I create a trip I generally right click the WayPoints or Shaping Points on the map from Start to End. Simple. I find that I spend a lot of time going into each Point and giving it a name that is meaningful to both myself and the people who I send a screenshot or GPX to so they can understand at location level.

I’ve included a screenshot showing a very short trip with commentary in the Waypoint Names to explain the desired outcomes.

Love your work !!

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Thanks for the suggestion. I have moved your suggestion to a topic where this was already discussed. There are several things that need to be considered here.

We separate between name and address. So we could automatically set an address for a point, and we could use this address when exporting a file.

Previously the discussion was a bit mixed, but it is still something we could do.

One thing that needs to be considered ist that the automatic naming is sometimes producing unexpected results (you can check the what’s here dialog). It often makes sense, but sometimes not. Wrong names might be misleading?


Here’s the GPX markup from a Kurviger website route and the Garmin imported result.

You can see the names “Waypoint X” output and there display on Garmin. You can also see the coordinates have been converted (my Garmin style).

To the end user this doesn’t mean much. If I send a screen shot to my ride buddies they have no idea where I’m going especially if a long trip and I’m displaying the entire route on screen.

If I plan a trip on the Garmin it will name it as per the address or street or town.

I understand that despite the displayed names the navigation engine will generate turn by turn instructions with road names. However, I would really like to see location names (as per the What’s Here dialog) in the display and the voice dialogue as it can quickly remind me of the route places I have marked. True I can insert them but I’m inserting 100 of them and usually I copy and paste the What’s Here data.

If I’m approaching a gnarly river crossing and I want to skip it then it is much easier for me to know that Strops Crossing is coming up and decide to pass rather than 33.607286, 150.66383 or Waypoint 13 - where is that ? Or my Ride buddies can see Strops Crossing in my trip plan and discuss whether it should be tackled or not !

For the users who say it doesn’t matter to them then by deduction it doesn’t matter if the place name is automatically inserted or any random string. They don’t mind :smiley:. If the “doesn’t matter to me” voice influences the priorities that the development team follow then that’s well and good as the most deserved modifications get done.

As to the matter that the What’s Here dialog sometimes generates incorrect information then my view is that is is always up the user to ensure the right information is present whether that be Place Name or GPS Coordinated or Point on the map.

<wpt lat="-33.555202" lon="150.665032"><name>Grose Vale Road</name>
<desc>Continue onto Grose Vale Road</desc><sym>Flag, Green</sym>

<wpt lat="-33.576589" lon="150.65114"><name>Waypoint 1</name>
<desc>Waypoint 1</desc><sym>Flag, Blue</sym>

<wpt lat="-33.5925" lon="150.665192"><name>Waypoint 2</name>
<desc>Waypoint 2</desc><sym>Flag, Blue</sym>

<wpt lat="-33.605584" lon="150.643739"><name>Roberts Creek Road Blaxland</name>
<desc>Waypoint 3</desc>
<sym>Flag, Blue</sym><type>via</type></wpt>

<rtept lat="-33.555202" lon="150.665032">
<name>Grose Vale Road</name><desc>Continue onto Grose Vale Road</desc>
<sym>Flag, Green</sym>

<rtept lat="-33.576589" lon="150.65114"><name>Waypoint 1</name>
<desc>Waypoint 1</desc><sym>Flag, Blue</sym>

<rtept lat="-33.605584" lon="150.643739">
<name>Roberts Creek Road</name><desc>Waypoint 3</desc>
<sym>Flag, Blue</sym><extensions><trp:ViaPoint>

Be well

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Für mich persönlich wäre das keine Option die ich brauchen würde. Ein paar wichtige Punkte " händisch" umbenennen reicht mir.

Thanks for your feedback. Just to clarify, I am not saying we shouldn’t do that, but we need to prfioritize different things. So far there hasn’t been that much request for this feature. If it’s something that most people don’t need, then there is a lower priority for us to implement it. In this case it is not a super quick implementation that we can do on the side :slight_smile:.

That’s cool. I can understand the need to prioritize features (years and years in IT development). I thought I might explain my point a little clearer…


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