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Display speed limits



I would like to see the actual speed limit somewhere in the map display.
Do you have enough info in your map database to handle such feature?

Around St. Gotthard
PLEASE READ FIRST: The "New features" category
Display of speed limits

Hi Zoran,

yes this is a frequently asked feature and already on our todo list. Especially in central Europe the OSM data should be detailed enough for this. You can find more information about the data we use here.



I agree with Zoran, displaying speed limits is very important because machines become more and more powerfull, it is always disturbing not to know, am I in a 50kmh zone or did it change to 80/90km. Am I in a 30kmh zone ?. Fines are higher and higher, chances to loose license increases too. Indications are changing all the time , having a quick look and being sure one is at the right speed in regards to the speed limit is reducing the stress of the biker of not knowing. Please do this is your next version, we will all be happy about it. Otherwise great app. Very happy being able to plan very precisely my routes. But speed limit must be the next thing to do on your TO DO list. Thank you in advance


Sehe ich auch so wie Vincent.
Wäre klasse, wenn man die Anzeige hätte.
Dann ist der nächste Punkt den ich mir wünschen würde auch erledigt.:wink:
Gruß Oliver


display speed limit at any time is a must have while riding your motorcycle. Thank you in advance to do this for the next release.


Is there any news on the subject about when we should be able to see the speed limit in the zone we are in ? Many thanks in advance as this is important and is more or less the only weak point of the app against a GPS device.


No sorry no news, it’s still on our todo list :).


ok thank you, let us know when you can tell us about a possible date of availability. Thank you for the effort made to make this app a great app in it’s field.