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App: WunderLINQ

What does not work?
Kurviger 2 → WunderLINQ?

Both apps call the same intent “wunderlinq://datagrid”.

Have you selected WunderLINQ in “Settings | Application | External input device”?


I have just tested input inside of Kurviger 2 after selecting WunderLINQ as the external device. Zoom and escape to go back do not work anymore.

I also confirmed using ADB commands:
adb shell input keyevent 111
adb shell input keyevent 19
adb shell input keyevent 20

@devemux86 & @Keith_Conger

Okay, then I’ll wait for an update. WunderlinQ firmware or curvy 2?

Okay, dann warte ich auf ein Update. WunderlinQ Firmware oder kurviger 2?

This is strange, I can only test the up / down keys on Android emulator and they work.

Please be patient…

@devemux86 & @Keith_Conger

All good…

:slight_smile: with Android 11 everything has changed :slight_smile:

Alles gut…

:slight_smile: mit Android 11 ist alles anders geworden :slight_smile:

However your reports are confusing about what works and not:

(after select WunderLINQ in “Settings | Application | External input device”)

Das war das erste was ich gemacht habe als ich die neue App installiert habe. Ich habe mir kurviger vor allem geholt weil WunderlinQ angebunden ist. Das hat mich überzeugt. Entschuldigung wenn ich mich nicht richtig ausdrücken kann aber das könnte auch an deepl liegen :slight_smile:

That was the first thing I did when I installed the new app. I got kurviger mainly because WunderlinQ is connected. That’s what convinced me. Sorry if I can not express myself properly but that could also be due to deepl :slight_smile:

Hi @devemux86

Sorry, I just purchased my subscription and retested it during routing.
Zooming with UP/DOWN does work.
ESCAPE does not work to go from Kurviger2 to WunderLINQ is not working.

Sorry for the confusion.

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Do you still have Kurviger 1 Pro? Does it work?

Does WunderLINQ beta have different intent than “wunderlinq://datagrid”?

I retested with Kurviger 1 Pro and it works fine. I have not changed the intent, and it still works as intended. If you’d willing to update it to wunderlinq://quicktasks that would be great but not necessary.

Starting with Android 11 and if apps target Android 11 (like Kurviger 2)
not all other apps can be visible to an app (again for security reasons).

I will improve it and you can test it again in next Kurviger 2 update.

@ToTo_GSA_Rider @Keith_Conger

Please test with Kurviger 2.0.10 (Beta).

@devemux86 Works great! Thanks for resolving so quickly. Kurviger 2 is a really nice update.

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Hallo zusammen,
werde das Update heute auch testen wenn ich mein Motorrad aus der Werkstatt hole.

Hello all,
will also test the update today when I get my bike from the workshop.

So habe das Motorrad aus der Inspektion geholt und gleich getestet, läuft :slight_smile: Dankeschön :slight_smile:

So got the bike from inspection and immediately tested, runs :slight_smile: Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Keith, I had the problem several times today that I could not reliably launch the kurviger app from the WunderlinQ app. Can you please check if you find an error in the log?

I have sent you a mail

Greetings Torsten

@Keith_Conger @devemux86

Ich habe mir nun extra ein WunderLINQ wegen der Kurviger Unterstützung gekauft und es funktioniert leider genau so schlecht wie mit CI Controller.

Der Standort läuft beim Zoomen aus der Karte raus. So ist es einfach nicht nutzbar.

Mit den ± Tasten wird in der App richtig gezoomt

WL FW 2.1
WL App 2.18
Kurviger Abo 2.0.13

Warum ist das so?

I have now specially bought a WunderLINQ because of the Kurviger support and it works unfortunately just as bad as with CI controller.

The location runs out of the map when zooming. So it is simply not usable.

The ± keys are used to zoom correctly in the app

WL FW 2.1
WL App 2.18
Curved subscription 2.0.13

Why is this?



Ich habe gerade einen Antwort von Keith von WunderLINQ bekommen und ich soll das Problem mit Kurviger besprechen.

I just got a reply from Keith at WunderLINQ and he wants me to discuss the problem with Kurviger.

Do other users see anything strange?

Your report could only happen if you move + zoom the map at the same time.
If you only zoom the map, then it should work fine.

The local tests with a keyboard work correctly.

@Keith_Conger @devemux86


Andere Benutzer haben das Problem auch festgestellt.

Die Karte wird nicht verschoben. Es wird nur am Drehrad gedreht. Das hattest du beim CI Controller auch schon geschrieben aber es ist nicht so.

Das Zoomen geht in anderen Apps wie Google Maps oder der Google Wetterkarte so wie es sein soll, zentriert um den Standort.

Hier muss es etwas bei Kurviger geben, das sich anders verhält.


Other users have also encountered the problem.

The map is not moved. It is only turned on the rotary wheel. You had already written that with the CI controller but it is not so.

Zooming works in other apps like Google Maps or the Google Weather Map as it should, centered around the location.

There must be something in Kurviger that behaves differently.