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I’m one of the owners and developers on theWunderLINQ. We would love to work with you to integrate our hardware and software with the Kurviger Android App. We are actively working with the Scenic developer to add the integration now and would love to work with the Kerviger team also.



Ah toll… man kann hier also auch Werbung plazieren?

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It would be great to have such integration in order to use kurviger from the bike’s remote wheel (wonderwheel). Even so, I guess that a simple general integration (Bluetooth joystick HID profile) would already be great.

Please, consider Keith’s offer for the todo list.

Best regards.

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Thanks for the request. This sounds like an interesting project. Let’s first move the discussion to email and see what would be actually required from our side to integrate WunderLINQ.

Ich glaube das es sich hierbei um eine ernste Anfrage handelt, die aus versehen im Forum gelandet ist :slight_smile:. Wir gehen dem auf jeden Fall mal nach :+1:


ich habe auch bei den Project wunderlinq mit gemacht.
Ich hoffe Ihr könnt uns weiter helfen:
ich würde gerne das Drehrad als Zoomfunktion in der App Kurviger Pro


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Hello first.
I´m using KURVIGER PRO since 1 1/2 years now. It´s fantastic.
Last week I´ve ordered the WunderLinQ and started playing with its Android APP, also…
In its settings you do have to choose your favorite navigation app, or using the android default app.

  1. KURVIGER is not listed. MAPS, KOMOOT, OSM are listed.
  2. KURVIGER is not set as the android default app as well.

So, how do I set KURVIGER as the android default app?

Thx in advance.

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We never announced any integration. Like all features - and there are many in list - when something is ready we inform here in the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Rene,

We are discussing the possibility on an integration now :slight_smile:


Hi devemux86,
Hi Keith,

thanks for this information first.
I had not been aware, that the point I´ve raised up in my question would be a part of the integration already. Thought it might an issue related to the android app setting, that could be fixed by myself.
So please appologies. I don´t like to create any pressure. I know, that you guys and especially devemux and Robin from KURVIGER are working hard to improve this app.
Thanks for that :slight_smile:

BR, René


There are already many things in list and specific resources, so we try our best without long lasting detours that would trouble the app’s programmed evolution. :slightly_smiling_face:


Es würde ja schon reichen die Zoom Funktion mit ein zubinden.

Bei Locus, musste ich nur die Config Datei anpassen Siehe unten.

Hi Thorsten,
there are a couple things you could try:

a) make sure you have HW button controlling in Locus turned on (go to Locus settings > Controlling > Map screen > User hardware buttons > ON)

b) go to Locus directory/config.cfg, open it in any text editor and edit following parameters:

key buttons that control ‘zoom in’ action


key buttons that control ‘zoom out’ action


c) save config.cfg and restart Locus Map.

und es läuft.

Gruß Thorsten


Will it be possible to have this integration available? I understand it might not be a main request for Kurviger, but I have a wunderlinq and that’s why I’m asking.

Besides the locus approach mentioned before (which I have already used and it works well), I had seen this integration model available and I’m attaching it here just in case it is of any help.

Thanks in advance. Best regards.



are there any news on the implementation of wunderlinq? Is that in the works? That would be great!


There are too many features in our list, so we need to manage our resources carefully.
We cannot provide any ETA, when something is implemented we announce it in forum.

Hi to all interested into the integration or implementation of the WunderLINQ to the KURVIGER App.
You may vote for this here please.

Best regards,

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I have voted, thanks for setting it up.

I also voted.

Considering that, in my opinion there are many other features which should be implemented first because they are useful for all users not only a few using some very special equipment.


Hello Mario,

there is nothing to say against your comment and opinion in general.
Anyway there is a vote system… for sure more or less to see how big the interest into different topics is.
And at the end:
Robin and devemux86 are the once to make decisions for what ever they like to do.
For sure considering priorities, time needed to get this done, workload and possible future effects.

Beside this:
For today the WunderLINQ is in use by a small group of people only. That´s normal for a young product. Different BMW owners, not happy with the big GARMIN systems, are looking how the WunderLINQ and navigation apps are developing. So the developers of the navigation apps are able to push and participate, or to slow down good ideas like this.

I´ve voted for my wish :wink:

Best regards,

Of course they do. And it’s good to have a voting system helping to identify appropriate priorities. I surely didn’t want to somehow offend anybody. Users and community only give feedback and votes - developers decide.