App: Turn instructions on waypoints

You can also demonstrate it differently.

Website Roadbook. Follow all instructions exactly.
Now with the app turn instruction list. Isn’t something missing?

The problem mentioned in Brouter forum. (Perfectly reproducible)
Follow the navigation instructions exactly. Good luck !
There are tow services in the area that will help you further.

U-turns are rare, but they are there.
Brouter generates few errors, but they are there.

Voice navigation announces turn instructions as they exist in app’s turn instructions list.

So it cannot have 2 instructions at the same point and the first with 0 distance and time.
(some merging / post-processing must happen)

I am open for changes, but without adding more options, instead simplify existing ones.

My proposal (perhaps to complex, as a discussion base):

  • remove option “Waypoints in instructions”
  • suppress shaping points with sign=0 (continue), show and announce the other ones
  • symbol and announcement of shaping points according to turn instruction (as other turn instructions)
  • show and announce via points (if you do not want to show + announce a via point, convert it to shaping point)
  • use Waypoint symbol (flag) for via points
  • if via point turn instruction sign=0 (continue) just show / announce as currently done when option “Waypoints in instructions” enabled
  • for other via point turn instruction sign values add turn instruction text to announcement and to text in headline. Also add text like “turn left” etc. to headline, because waypoint symbol does not give information

I have to read this a few times first. Emux, If you indeed need to break existing functionality in order to accomplish this, I’ll withdraw my question for u-turn support. I really don’t want to get the whole forum on my head.

I did investigate the consequences of locating a Shaping Point very precisely on a track point with an expected Navigation instruction at exactly the same position.
I see an identical twin track point pair being created. One trkpt coupled with the Shaping Point the second trkpt with the Navigation instruction.
Regarding: Track point pair 22 & 23. (latitude: 48.29193 longitude: 11.97671)
Navigation works normally.
DeadEnd-Test_export.kurviger (1.4 KB)

Thanks for the detailed suggestions. They make my work as developer much easier.

They seem reasonable and simplify / improve app implementation (an ongoing goal).

Indeed that option is unnecessary with the shaping points and only causes maintenance troubles.

Everything else seems reasonable as well. I will check the algorithms and think for improvements.


This is not necessary, it is a reasonable request.
Software can not progress unless we review it often and push it to its limits.

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with “headline” I mean “turn instruction display”

@rumbrummer thanks for thinking along. Very helpfull.
The different U-turns.

sign: -8 u-turn_left:
Left U turn_example.kurviger (684 Bytes)
U turn with often a spacious turntable. U turn command linked to single track point
sign: 8 u-turn_right:
U turn with often a spacious turntable. U turn command linked to single track point
sign: -98 u-turn:
U turn with often a limited turn area. U turn (-98) and Shaping Point do share a common trackpoint.
ONLY this U turn (-98) is able to replace the Shaping Point info and changes it to announced.
U turn (-98) exceptionally so promotes the corresponding Shaping Point into a announced informative one.The standard routing functionality thereby is kept intact as usual by non strict or strict.

The “turn instruction display”, only contains street name info.
This keeps it compatible with the next realization.

Image examples as trk gpx list.

Shaping Point and straight share a common trkpt.
Shaping_straight.kurviger (1.0 KB)
The not announced Shaping point has priority.
Shaping_straight_trk.gpx (1.3 KB)

Shaping Point and u-turn share a common trkpt.
Shaping_u-turn.kurviger (985 Bytes)
The announced u-turn has priortiy.
Shaping_u-turn_trk.gpx (1.3 KB)

Demo video U-turn:
Apps without shaping points rarely navigate this route flawlessly.
Kurviger navigates this correctly by using the shaping points.

In fact it is quite simple and also my thinking. :slightly_smiling_face:

Any turn instruction with a direction must have the direction symbol.
We can enrich via instruction to [Waypoint name + Turn instruction].

Each routing service can have different behavior:
BRouter, GraphHopper + Kurviger, OpenRouteService, OSRM, etc.

BRouter does not generate (double) turn instructions on via and shaping points.
We can only have the [Waypoint name] instructions on waypoints with BRouter.

BRouter did not generate either the [Waypoint name] instructions on waypoints.
I generate them myself when I post process BRouter routing:

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Concerning Via Point support in BRouter
No succes…Only one vote for ;-((

Concerning Shaping Point support in Locus gpx & navigation.
No succes…Only 2 Votes ;-((

Only Kurviger understands the usefulness of using both Via and Shaping Points @ navigation.
That’s why I’m here, even if I’m not a motorcyclist. The investment in this app: Peanuts
The pleasure you get in return is well worth the mini investment.

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Available in Kurviger 1.14.12 (Beta) based on above discussion.

Please test routes and their turn instructions with menu “Routing | Turn instructions”
and voice guidance with the simulation in “Settings | Navigation | Navigation Mode”.


With my stupid mistake I kicked off a snowball … an avalanche has now arrived in the valley, without damage!
Thanks @Emux - good job! And thanks @0709 and @rumbrummer for being so though to represent all the technical stuff I know so little about. I think kurvigerPRO has once again become a bit better.

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Kurviger 1.14.12 Sure a good job.
AND it also works by using Shaping Points. (= Perfect tnks)

U turns are indeed rarely Planned, but it is now possible perfectly. Protect by using a Via Point.
U turns by the instruction list are perfect indicators to locate false instructions even faster.
In many cases, U turns are not expected instructions that are caused by planning errors.
1. In Wolfgang’s example due to a too quickly executed so falsely positioned Shaping point.
2. Shaping Points planned too close to critical road intersections that so ended up on a side road undesirably with the corresponding false turn instruction.
3. If you enter a simple track and have a route calculated by reference Shaping Points you often see these “dirty” instruction errors arise.

*You can hardly discover this on the map itself unless you zoom in very deeply. *
So it is now already a bit more noticeable by the navigation list.
The ultimate goal, the app automatically detects this and removes harmful Shaping Points itself.
The autocleaner should so clean and remove “U turn Shaping Point” combinations only.
The autocleaner should NOT clean nor remove any “U turn Via Point” combination.

Very nice, thanks a lot. :+1:

Just a question concerning a detail, Route:

Reaching via point #1 announcement and turn display is fine (as expected :grinning:).

Reaching the U-turn via point, there is an announcement that there is a U-turn, followed by via point name :+1:.

Would it be possible also to add a hint to turn display that rider is approaching a via point / the via point name?

Riding motorcycle without using a headset (-> no voice guidance) this might be helpful!

Perhaps it would be also useful to add the hint / via point name to turn instruction list - but I think that has a lower priority (nice to have), because it will not lead to missing a via point (like restaurant etc.).

Remark: I tested via simulation, did not test if hint/via point name is shown during real driving.

Remark2 (quite late): Thanks a lot for implementing simulation mode - that helps testing behaviour a lot, makes it quite easy to simulate without using further tools and therefore it leads (and led) to more testing, which probably improves quality :+1:!

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Actually it is an announcement of [Waypoint name + Turn instruction].
(similar to turn instructions list)

Indeed now the turn instruction overrides the via point.
I will see what can be done. :slightly_smiling_face:

The turn instructions list already has the updated instructions.
(similar to navigation)

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You are right - I have overlooked it, sorry.

Is perfect.
DeadEnd-Via_Kurviger_router.kurviger (1.1 KB)
And for the non Beta user:

The via point name will appear at the top for this case too in next version.

Implemented in Kurviger 1.14.13.

That link does not work any more - as an alternative this link might help:

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