App: Screen saver in navigation / follow

Currently the screen saver is available in navigation (Pro) in app version 2.1.2 (beta). It would be helpfull too in follow mode (Free and Pro). Then burn-in at the screen would be reduced when using follow mode for hours.

Then screen saver should be available at application (Free and Pro) instead of navigation (Pro).

In navigation mode same functionality as currently used (copied from Kurviger 2.1.2 (Beta) announcement):

Screen turns on before the turns
Screen turns black after the turns
Screen stays on when being off route
Screen turns on (with timeout) when touching the screen

In follow mode the functionality of screen saver could be:

Screen turns on (with timeout) when touching the screen

Only an idea. Perhaps worth thinking about.


Thanks for the suggestion.

In follow mode it seems simpler to let the screen turn off via Android display settings.

Navigation has automatic screen on / off actions, not allowed by Android permissions,
so it requires a screen saver.

(in any case it is planned as a Pro feature)

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Let’s provide it, could also be useful when “Follow after arrival” is enabled in navigation.

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What do other users think about this?

Turn on the screen before turns or with each voice instruction?

Sounds more useful, but I couldn’t test this feature yet.

It is available in Kurviger 2.1.2 (Beta).

I do not know if this is possible. I have set the voice instructions for 2km before the turn. Would it be possible to get the screen displayed from this announcement until the turn?
P.S.have not tested the screen saver yet.

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No, the idea is to turn on the screen on each voice instruction,
then screen turns black (after timeout) until next voice instruction.

The screen will always turns on before turns (like now).

I do not know if it is possible or more useful.
We are just discussing the possibilities…

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Have you checked other navigators?

Do they have this feature, how does it work?

Available in Kurviger 2.1.3 (Beta).


If this vote is still open I definitely put my ballot on “with each voice instruction”! I look to the phone absolutely every time the lady wants to tell me something. And imagine the case if you misunderstood something, the screen should definitely turn on for that

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Screen saver implementation has not been finalized, I am still looking at all ideas.

Everyone please test current screen saver, so we can see possible improvements.

This was also my idea when I tested screen saver today.
Currently the distance seems to be fix at 300m before the turn, which is to short in my opinion.
I’ve set the voice instructions at 1km, 300m, so in my case the display would then switch on 1km before the turn.

Another idea would be to make the distance adjustable.
Maybe speed alarm should trigger screen on as well?! :thinking:

Apart from that screen saver seems to work great:

  • I’ve set the timeout to 30s, which seems to reasonable.
  • screen stays on when you have to stop at a traffic light.
  • “route missed” triggers screen on.
  • on my route (on cuntry roads) I got plenty of screen off time.
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Thanks for the testing!

Screen on at voice instructions will be available in the next app update.

What distance do you think would be useful?

Note that speed can influence the distances.
(if enabled in voice guidance settings)

Can you explain a bit why this would be useful?

Hmm, I never tried that feature.
For me the voice instructions at 1km, 300m, turn(~80m) are just perfect.

But the 300m mark is the most important for me.
There I make all my decisions: - Compare the map with the road. - Lookout for the turn. - How much do I need to slow down? - Is there a turning lane? - etc.
At that point I want the map to be there not just about to pop up.

Maybe I would feel better, if the map appears just a few seconds before the voice instruction?
If you ask me for a distance I would say ~400m-500m

Well, with “screen on at every voice instruction”, that question may be obsolete anyway.
When screen turns on at 1km, with a timeout of 30s, map will stay probably on from 1km up to the turn.

When map is dark, you won’t notice the speed warning if it pops up.
Ok, you can set an acoustic alarm, so this may not be necessary.

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I can change it to 500 m in the next update so that everyone can test it.
(with the screen activated in the voice instructions too)


Available in Kurviger 2.1.4 (Beta).

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Works perfekt. :+1:
IMO “screen on at every voice instruction” in combination with the 500m distance is a perfect combination. I’ve set timeout to 30s and it works great.

I have made one additional observation:
If you touch the display, screen goes on too and off again after a timeout - great.
If next voice instruction occurs just around the moment the screen is going off, than that voice instruction does not seem to trigger screen on.
Not really an issue, but I was surprised.


Thanks for the testing.

It looks like a synchronization case, I will make an improvement in the next app update.

Please test Kurviger 2.1.6 (Beta).