App: re-including a waypoint which was automatically skipped

The algorithm for automatically skipping a waypoint if I missed one (or have been forced to take a detour) in the Kurviger app works very well.

But sometimes the skipped waypoint was an important one which I really want to reach during my tour (because it’s a meeting point for example).

Problem: it seems that I’m not able to somehow re-include a skipped waypoint into me route once it is “behind” my current position, because Kurviger thinks it is obsolete then.

Therefore it would be helpful to have a new function to re-include / reactivate a skipped waypoint (something like the “opposite function” of “skip next waypoint”).

Maybe by having an additional button “reactivate skipped waypoint” (in the same menu where I can find “skip next waypoint”). Or by including a new function “set as next waypoint” into the waypoint context menu to make sure that Kurviger will navigate to this special waypoint, even if it was formely missed and skipped.

To briefly summarize the lost discussion due to this incident. The best solution would be the ability to mark certain waypoints as “must visit” so the app doesn’t skip them.

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To avoid complicating further the implementation, my thought was to review the situation when its relevant feature “Waypoint types (shaping, etc.)” is introduced.