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Downtime and loss of about one day 2-3. May | Ausfall und Verlust von einem Tag am 2-3. Mai

Some of you might have noticed a downtime of the forum this morning. It seems like there was a hardware failure with the server hosting the forum. We tried very hard to restore the last state of the forum, but unfortunately this was not possible. We had to restore the last backup from May 2nd at around 3AM. Every post that was made after that is unfortunately lost. So we lost about a day of information.

We are still investigating this incidence and are looking into ways to improve to make the forum more resilient to hardware failures.

Manche von euch haben vermutlich den Ausfall des Forums heute Morgen bemerkt. Bei dem Server der das Forum betreibt scheint es zu einem Hardware Fehler gekommen zu sein. Wir haben über mehrere Stunden versucht den letzen Stand des Forums wieder herzustellen, leider ist uns das nicht gelungen. Wir mussten das letzte Backup vom 2. Mai um ca 3 Uhr Morgens einspielen. Alle Beiträge nach diesem Zeitpunkt sind leider nicht mehr vorhanden. Es fehlt also ca 1 Tag.

Wir prüfen den Vorfall weiter. Zusätzlich versuchen wir das Forum in Zukunft widerstandsfähiger gegen Hardware Fehler aufzustellen.


The downtime seems to have killed our nice logo in dark mode as well! :frowning:

Are you sure? I see it working fine.

It’s black now (almost invisible). Before the downtime it was grey.

If mean when change the forum theme and a gray logo appears, but after reload the page then the regular color works again. I just tested with a browser clean profile / cache and it appears correctly. Can you reload / refresh the page in the browser?

On my PC (using Edge or Firefox) the Logo appears correctly (light gray in dark mode).

On my smartphone (using Opera or Chrome) the logo stays black (both in desktop and mobile mode). Even after deleting cache data.

Not a big issue, of course :smile:.

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Exactly the same for me

Thanks for reporting this issue. There was an update available for the plugin that is handling the logo switch. Should work now :slight_smile:.

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Confirmed: logo works now in smartphone’s browsers. :+1:t2: