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App: Offline search

Use POI databases to allow users search information about POI offline:

  • Search POI offline in databases
  • Tap POI to display its OSM data

POI databases are currently available from Mapsforge and OpenAndroMaps.

They are all based on offline POI API which I maintain in Mapsforge repository.

Great idea! Would definitely be an improvement.

Could you please explain what’s part of the POIs-collection?
Is it “everything” or is it possible to activate / deactivate some categories?
I’m not sure if I want to have each station, hotel, restaurant, church, garage etc.?
Is there any possibility to categorize?
Thanks & BR

POI databases can contain virtually anything - we decide - from OSM data.
Current poi collections hold these categories, obviously can be specialized.

Search could be filtered, sorted by name or distance, etc.

Feature is an idea and still under consideration.

Of course it would be great if those POI databases could also be integrated in the website (like already mentioned here).

well, that sounds good to me!

A POI search option offline to find a special category POIs filtered by name and sorted by distance would be great!

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