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App: Display current time

i hope my english is good enough so you can understand what i mean :slight_smile:

I have a few older Bikes without Clock. Sure i have a clock on my smartphone, but i am too old to read the time while driving.
It would be a good solution when i can change one of the three navigation information fields so the field shows me the time instead of the km to the target?

Or if i can have a fourth field with the time?

Greetings Werner from germany who thinks you make a good job with the app.
PS: i use the pro version

If you mean the time of arrival at destination or waypoint, you can tap the nav time panel and it switches between "Remaining time” and “Estimated time of arrival”.

No, i mean the normal time.

I think Werner means an option to simply display the current time.

Ups - we answered at the same time … so forget my post.

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That seems out of context for any app, except the clock related ones.
Are there navigator apps showing device’s time in real time?

I don’t know which apps they all do now, but just looked at locus maps, I can change a field accordingly to the current time.

You could also try apps that show the current time as an overlay, for example: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.jskt.overlayclock

I haven’t tested this, but the screenshots look like this is what you are looking for.

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Yes that is a solution, but normally you cant change the size optimal for viewing in the app. and i already have one overlay (blitzer.de) :wink:

Would it be possible analog to “Show speed” to also have an optional setting to display the actual time?

Please see the above related discussion, it’s another nice to have feature. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wäre es nicht möglich die Uhrzeit in das Anzeigefeld für Ankunftszeit+Fahrtdauer als 3.Wahlmöglichkeit einzubinden?
Ist oftmals die wichtigere Info!

Would it not be possible to include the time in the display field for arrival time + journey time as a 3rd option?
This is often the more important info!

You can tap the time panel to switch the display between duration and arrival time.

See the manual for more details.

I know. But I would like to have a 3. option: the actually time. If it’s possible.

Das weiß ich.Wäre es nicht möglich die aktuelle Zeit, als 3.Wahlmöglichkeit zu haben?

Yes please. I had also asked for it in the past because I find it useful to have it in the same text size in line with the other navigation bars. Additionally I would prefer the average speed to be displayed instead of the allowed max speed (toggle between average speed including pauses and average speed without pauses, also store or calculate this somewhere in the GPS recording for later review).

The max speed is already shown in red in the middle when the configured limit is exceeded which I find sufficient.

New suggestions can only be discussed if you create new separate topics for each of them.

There is already a toggle between duration and arrival time.
Additionally you can toggle between next waypoint and end point.
So this field can already contain 4 different values.

I am not so happy with a toggle switch which would have 3 possibilities.

The current time could only be displayed separately as an additional panel.

I would also like to see this option (since the tablet on handle bar covers watch :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: )

I would suggest to display the current time to be displayed separately as an additional panel in the same font size of the menu settings → application → font size

It will be available in the next Kurviger 2 update.