Kurviger 2.0.14

Kurviger 2.0.14 is on Google Play:

Kurviger 2 is the successor of Kurviger 1 Free (not Kurviger 1 Pro).

- App: switch to pay-as-you-go licensing

Kurviger 1 Free + Pro apps are being replaced by one unified Kurviger 2 app.

Kurviger 2 app is free with Pro features as in-app subscription (with free trial).

Kurviger 1 Pro app remains available in your Google Play library
and will be maintained for current owners.
They can continue to enjoy it, but new features will be added in Kurviger 2.

You can transfer your routes, bookmarks, recorded tracks, maps, preferences
to Kurviger 2 app.

The model Free/Pro is no longer sustainable, for further development,
maintenance, third party services, hosting, servers, etc.

This is the only way to keep Kurviger app development alive in the future.
Current model has no more life, it will cause Kurviger app to stop to exist.

Available in menu “Subscriptions”.

- Routing: multiple route profiles (Pro)

You can select different route profiles for segments:

  • Long press on (end) waypoints
  • Long press on route segments
  • Waypoints list (menu “Routing | Waypoints”)

Waypoint info (tap waypoints), route segment info (tap route segments)
and waypoints list now also display their segment profile and its details.

Route profile colors can be changed in “Settings | Routing”.

- Routing: strength of avoidances (Pro)

You can change the strength of avoidances (default values have a star).

Available in route options.

- Navigation: speed limit display (Pro)

The speed limit display (with screen alert) is available in “Settings | Navigation | Speed limit”.

The speed limit tolerance can be adjusted in “Settings | Navigation | Speed limit tolerance”.

The speed limit voice alert is available in “Settings | Voice guidance | Speed limit”.

(BRouter does not currently provide speed limits)

- Navigation: street name display (Pro)

The street name display is available in “Settings | Navigation | Street name”.

(BRouter does not currently provide street names)

- Navigation: current time display (Pro)

The current time display is available in “Settings | Navigation | Current time”.
(works in navigation and follow location)

- Navigation: battery level display (Pro)

The battery level display (with charge indicator) is available in “Settings | Navigation | Battery level”.
(works in navigation and follow location)

- Navigation: second next turn display (Pro)

The second next turn display is available in “Settings | Navigation | Second next turn”.

- Navigation: two commands at once (Pro)

You can be notified also of the next closely following direction change.

Available in “Settings | Voice guidance | Two commands at once”.

- Navigation: minimal distance to recalculate route (Pro)

You can change the minimal distance to recalculate route during rerouting.

Available in “Settings | Navigation | Minimal distance to recalculate route”.

- Navigation: recalculate route in case of reverse direction (Pro)

You can choose to recalculate route in case of reverse direction.

Available in “Settings | Navigation | In case of reverse direction”.

- Navigation: start navigation without GPS (Pro)

You can start navigation (or follow location) even without a GPS signal.

- Navigation: auto center map view (Pro)

You can adjust the time of auto center (zoom) map view.

Available in “Settings | Navigation | Auto center map view”.

- Navigation: new user interface design (Pro)

New improved appearance of the navigation user interface.
You can change the background / icon / font colors of the display panels.

Available in “Settings | Application".

- Routing: show route ascend / descend

Show the elevation ascent and descent of routes.

- GPS recording: import GPX tracks (Pro)

Import tracks from GPX files into the GPS recording database of recorded tracks.

Available in GPS recording button.

- Map: open external map styles (Pro)

You can open external map styles (as zip files) with the various offline maps.

Available in menu “Map | Map style”.

- Map: mountain passes and peaks in map layers (Pro)

You can enable / disable mountain passes and peaks separately.

Available in menu “Map | Map layers”.

- Map: location marker / arrow color

Location color now works in both location appearances (Normal | Advanced).

Available in “Settings | Location | Location color".

- App: display size option

You can make the user interface, buttons, dialogs and navigation smaller or larger.

Available in “Settings | Application | Display size”.

- App: app theme options

Provide all options for app theme: Light, Dark, System.

Available in “Settings | Application | App theme”.

- Various improvements

Thanks to everyone who participated in Kurviger 2.0 (Beta) program!

We’re looking forward for your feedback about the new version and we wish you a nice Kurviger experience! :motorcycle: :racing_car:


I will probably accidentally test the new speed limit on Sunday :slightly_smiling_face:. The colour adjustment of the buttons is already very pleasant.

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Sorry, I don’t get it. I payed for the first version. Do I have to pay again for the new version and is my money lost? Cheers! Peter

Thank you for purchasing Kurviger Pro, you can keep using it in the future.
We will maintain and update it for you, so that it runs on the new Androids.

If you need current or future new features, you can upgrade to Kurviger 2.

Subscriptions are the only model that allows mobile applications to survive.
The alternative would be to stop the Kurviger app development…

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Do I have to pay for both Kurviger Pro and Kurviger Tourer Subscription?

Thanks for your quick answer. So I can upgrade to Kurviger 2 without paying again? By the way, I love Kurviger ;o)

I’m actually surprised that you held out this long. I have been donating a few times, but I guess this was more of an exception and I understand that you need a proper income to continue working. Plus, 10 bucks a year is really not too much to ask for.

One thing that I don’t understand: Is the “Touring” option on the website and the Pro mode of the app the same? I don’t quite see how I can connect these two.

Kurviger Tourer offers additional features on the website. Kurviger Pro offers additional features for the Android App. Also see our documentation here: Does Kurviger Tourer include the Android App? [Kurviger Knowledgebase]

No, Kurviger Pro still receives updates. If you would like to use the new features, you would have to purchase the Kurviger 2 subscription.

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EN: In the Kurviger Documentation there is a page with an overview from Kurviger Website and Apps Kurviger 1.x and 2.x. There you see the features available for free of cost and have to pay.


Sometimes it’s helpful to look in the Kurviger documentaton pages, not only in the forum :slightly_smiling_face:.

DE: In der Kurviger Dokumentation gibt es eine Seite mit einem Ăśberblick zu der Kurviger Webseite und Apps Kurviger 1.x und 2.x. Dort siehst du die verfĂĽgbaren kostenlosen und kostenpflichtigen Features.


Manchmal ist es hilfreich, die Seiten der Kurviger Dokumentation zu lesen, nicht nur das Forum :slightly_smiling_face:.

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OK, get it. You watched how Windows did it. I have to pay the full amount for the new version although I already payed for version 1. You don’t give me the option to pay a small amount for an upgrade to version 2. Look, I don’t mind paying for a good product, but this is a rip off. Goodbye guys! Count me out.

Google Play does not provide such facilities.

Do they sell or service your vehicles anywhere for free?
Why do you expect people to maintain the app for free?

As mentioned above, you can keep using Kurviger 1 Pro.
It will be maintained, so that it runs on the new Androids.

If you do not like the extremely low price of €9.99,
you need to check how much the other apps cost:

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Ah, okay, so I would need to pay both. Any chance for some kind of bundle for both? Or is that not possible technically?

I am seriously baffled by this. How much did you pay for Kurviger 1 Pro? 5 Bucks? And how long ago was that? It’s insane what kind of support people expect for this kind of money.


I have already payed and I don’t mind paying for extra services. But I DO mind to have to pay the full price only for some extras. Why don’t you have this option?

I have a service contract for my water boiler/heater. If something is wrong, I only pay for the parts he has to replace. If nothing is wrong, I pay for my “subscription”, nice deal for the dealer. If my dealer would charge me the full price for the service AND for the parts AND for the subscription everytime, I would tell him to go and make love to himself.

Because the Google Play store does not offer this as far as I know. It’s the same with tons of other apps.

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It’s the principle. What’s next?

Anyone who likes free software can:

  • Use a free Linux distribution on computer

  • Use the free Google Maps app on Android
    Google is a huge company and pays a lot of developers to maintain Google Maps.

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You are obviously missing my point. Make Kurviger 2 available to subscribers to Kurviger 1 for a price that acknowledges the fact that they have already payed for their subscription. That’s how you treat customers.