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I can log into Kurviger in my web browser, but I don’t see yet how to log in with the android app, so I can load up the route I planned on my laptop.

See answer here:

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thank you, linux-user!
But I am with @craigbass76. I am an intense user of the pro Version, have started to create a Collection of routes online in the browser. So, especially when riding a couple of days, and the decide to may-be leave one route and continue with the next one, it would be perfect to simply select the new one from my existing, saved collection.
So a login into my profile WITHIN the app, instead of using other apps, would be perfect.


Same here!

I have been using the Kurviger app quite a lot in the mean time, but I do tend to compare it with other apps as well. Calimoto, for example.
I would tend to say Kurviger is better, apart from 1 important feature: routes I prepare via the Calimoto web version are immediately available in the app. Not so for Kurviger. Frustrating, since seamless availability and one-stop route creation would be a important time gain. Exporting routes, tracks, etc. … with all difficulties that may go along is cumbersome.
When would this be availble ?

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