[Website] Login Feature - Save your routes in the cloud

I am happy to announce that we just added a new major feature to the Kurviger website.

TL;DR: You can now login and save your routes in the cloud.

You can sign up on the Kurviger website, just click on the user icon in the top right of the sidebar:

Screenshot from 2020-02-13 10-22-27

When you initially sign up, you can set up your profile with some questions about your riding style:

Screenshot from 2020-02-13 10-23-51

This can help us to better understand your needs and to further improve Kurviger.

Once that is done, you can start plan a route as usual. In this post I simply used @SchlesiM’s route “South of Munich” (description here)

Click on “Save as new route”

Screenshot from 2020-02-13 10-29-28

Select the route folder you want to save the route in

Screenshot from 2020-02-13 10-39-27

You can find your new route in the “Your Routes” tab. As you can see, I added a bit of data already.

Screenshot from 2020-02-13 10-45-07

Alternatively, you can also save a new route through the “Your Routes” tab straight away. To do so, go to “Your Routes”, select the route folder you want to save the route in (or create a new folder) and then save the route, using the lowest button in the list.

This feature is still quite fresh, so it might be that you find issues or that you miss some features. Please let us know if you think we can improve this feature.

Some of the things that are still missing, but will be added over time:

  • Custom sorting of the route and route folder list
  • Filter the route and route folder list
  • Make naming of a new route more flexible (like reusing the name of an imported file)
  • Better feedback about saving state, errors, etc.

In of the next iterations it is planned to add the Favorites options, which will be similar to the bookmarks option in the app, where you can store your favorite places. To already highlight this, we show this on the website already.

Screenshot from 2020-02-13 10-53-12


Das ist F A N T A S T I S C H
Can we access the routes from the APP?


when I try to login with mail or google…

“A network error has occurred [Dismiss]”

With IE it works, but not with Chrome for me.

I could see it in the future as in-app subscription, currently other app features have higher priority.

Each implementation is independent, will see if future compatibility or synchronization is possible.

Application has far more work and the two platforms cannot always progress with similar features.


Looks nice, already addressed things to add also ok.

More to add:
Why only saving just one bike? I know many bikers who have more than one bike. I own and drive 7 bikes (including one scooter and one pure offroad bike). I would enjoy to add to the driven routes post-factum the date, duration, average speed and beeing able to select from a basket with which bike I’ve done the tour.

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One little thing just recognized as I have imported some of my planned routes for 2020… the routing type doesn’t get saved. When I save and open the tour again, then I would like my routing type (quick or quick and curvy or curvy or extra curvy) to be kept in the stored route.

Great, many thanks! Danke Schön! We are looking forward to “Favorites”… :slight_smile:

Because the brilliant function of transferring routes using the QR-code works well, it seems to me that route synchronization with the application is not urgently needed. But of course it will be appreciated in the future.

One other thing. When I release the route the created link always changes on every share action. That’s bad. Can the link and the barcode always be unique and stay unique, even if I adapt the route? Because if the link is sent out to somebody and I change just a routing point, the link should keep the same. I don’t want to send out a new link after every sharing or adaptation.

The share button is not new. It is working this way for years.
When you change the route, the link and barcode has to change, so that you can transfer the new route to the app.
Your proposal would be a fundamental change to the way how Kurviger website and the app are working together.

Thank you all for the great feedback! Please keep it coming.

That is unexpected, do you use any browser extensions? Are you using a recent version of Chrome? It might be that some Scriptblock, Adblock, etc. is blocking the login feature.

It’s already prepared in the background to save multiple bikes :slight_smile:. It is a early version, this might be added at some point. On the other hand, it was important to release this feature now that there is a first working version :slight_smile:.

Ah yes, like a logbook. That’s a nice idea as well. Let’s see what other users think about this?

Thanks for the hint! There was an issue with the visualization. I am fixing this right now, it should be fixed any minute now. The routing type was saved properly :slight_smile:.

@linux-user is right, it has been like this ever since. In the future it might be possible to offer a static link / sharing concept based on the current route saving feature.

Sorry - I use kurviger.de as tour planning system and kurviger pro as navigation app, no more, no less. My routes reside already in the cloud - in my dropbox folder. I really don’t need a database, log, statistical and diary system! My fear is that we’ll get bogged down and create an “egg-laying wool-milk sow”.

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I agree with you, that Kurviger is mainly focused on route planning and navigation. Our main goal is to make this process as easy and as successful as possible.

Having a way to store your routes and being able to tag them (and in the future to filter for these settings) can make the route planning a lot easier. Doing this directly in Kurviger is IMHO easier than doing it in a Dropbox. BUT, everyone can still use Kurviger as before, just export and import your routes, there is certainly nothing wrong with this approach :slight_smile:.


This is a feature I am also waiting for so long. Planing the tour at the computer and just use it on the phone without caring how to transfer.

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Click the share button and scan the barcode.

First, I have to care about the transfer, in this case.
Second and more important, I plan one route for each day of my trip. Thus, I additionally have to save each route as file for loading it at these days after transferring it via barcode only.

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Same opinion here. I like the new feature with additional logbook option and also synchronisation with Kurviger Pro would be a very nice additional feature for the future. This doesn’t prevent anyone from using it the old way.

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Just a brief update, if anyone had issues signing in with Facebook, this should be resolved now and it should work as expected. If you see any issues, please let us know.

One question: In Kurviger Weg the route is drawn as a dashed line additionally. I didn’t see this before. What does it mean?

Really really great!