Wunderlinq - press screen buttons

I had kurver pro and now I have the app with the abo model,
With the Wunderlinq it is possible to set a route to home: kurviger starts and creates a new route. But then there is a break in handling. I cannot start routing from the wheel, I have to without stop, tear of the gloves, and press the start route button.
Am I missing something?
The same issue comes up when I start rinding and forgot to press eigher the follow or the start routing button.
In map view, the short left, short right and long right actions of the wheel have no function (at least I didn’t find any), so they might be useful to move around between the screen buttons and start an action on them.
What do you think about this?

For WunderLINQ there are 2 separate functions:

  • Move: :arrow_up: :arrow_down: :arrow_left: :arrow_right:
  • Or zoom: :arrow_up: :arrow_down:

For more keys, you can select the “Keyboard” option, see the documentation:

I tried to use the keyboard setting, but that doesn’t really help. My suggestions was to get something context sensitive with different interpretation of the Keys according to the current status of Kurviger…
When I change the key mappings in Wunderlinq I get these problems.

  1. No other application including the Wunderlinq application itself can be handled by the Wheel (not a problem for Kurviger, but that’s how it is)
  2. I can’t even load the route home from Wunderlinq to Kurviger any more, because for this I need to manage the Kurviger route import menu with this sequence of Keys:
    Long right
    Up Up to “Route to start” (not needed when already navigating)
    Long right for selection
    Down Down to “cancel OK”
    Right to “OK”
    Long Right to press OK
    Up to this point, all original mappings for Wunderlinq zoom are needed changing them to keys N and F breaks this workflow.
    Greetings Peter