Wrong routing / Morocco

Marokko: Direct Routing from Marrakech to Oulad Berhil on the RN7 is not possible. A3 is used instead of RN7!

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Interesting: Start and destination on same OSM way, nevertheless crazy routing.

Maybe this change is causing the problem. Some weeks ago everything was fine. Google Maps or Via Michelin do not show any problem with the RN7.

The reason is this:

There is debris on the road after an earthquake in September. This is probably the truth and should not be edited away in OSM until we know from a local source that it’s fixed


Thanks a lot. I will be there in 3 weeks and give you information about the real road condition.

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The road is OK for cars and motorcycles. Used this route today :blush::+1:


The hero we didn’t know we needed :heart: I fixed it in OSM

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