Wrong rendering of Kurviger Liberty map

The “Isartorplatz” in Munich hides the streets:

It is the same in K2, K3, website and also in the Mapillion bitmap maps.
For me it is not clear, if it is a bug in OSM data (z-level?) or in rendering algorithm - at least the rendering on OSM website and on Kurviger OSM map in K3 is ok:

@moderators : I am not sure which category is the right one - it appears in app and web version, so I did not want to put it in app or website. Please give feedback or move it directly, if there is a better category match. Thanks

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I moved it to website, routing is definitely wrong :slight_smile:. We need to rework our categories soon :+1:

This should be fixed for the website and should be fixed in the app with the next update. It can take some time until the cache is updated.

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Thanks :+1:
Just for interest: Did you change OSM data or app/website?
This effect occurs also in downloaded offline maps - is it necessary to do a new download to fix that in offline maps?

This is changed for the app/website, no OSM change necessary.

No need to redownload for that :+1:


On website it is already fixed :+1: - that was a really fast fix !


Fixed also in app :+1: