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Wrong number of unread posts displayed

on the root side there is displayed 1 unread post:

But tapping on the link “Ungelesen” (German, = unread") there is no unread post:

Clearing browser cache lead to display of “0 unread post”, but refreshing page shows “1” again.

Browser “Chrome” on tablet with Android7.

It is neither urgent nor severe, but up to now the displayed number was consistent to the display after tapping the link.

I opened Kurviger forum twice in 2 browser tabs (undesired), perhaps this caused the bug - but I closed 1 and did further tries (clear cache etc.) afterwards.

Regards Markus

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repeating the test ~25min later there was displayed an unread post (consistent to number of unread posts = 1 on root page).

The last post in the displayed thread was ~16h ago.

Now the root page displays no unread posts - everything seems to be ok - as usual :wink::+1:

Thanks and regards


Cannot trust much forum notifications, often it shows less than what should be, even on profile icon.

Usually refresh (or not) the page and see at right column what are the updated topics should work.
e.g. in dark theme the updated topics have white title vs gray on the rest.