Wrong french translation for "Turn instructions"

Hello Kurviger team,

In the latest version of the website, there is an error in the translation for the “Turn instructions” label.
The current translation is “Instructions de tournage” which is not correct.
Possible translations could be:

  • “Roadbook” (yes an English word, but which very often used as is in French)
  • “Instructions de guidage”
  • “Liste de guidage” (this one is the one used by Waze…)

I think it was “Roadbook” in the former version of the website, but feel free to use one of the two 100% French proposals :wink:


(for reference)

French community has translated it as “Instructions d’itinéraire” (route instructions) in the app.

Perfect !
I was way too influenced by the english wording…

Thanks a lot for finding this issue!

I will use this text on the website as well.