Wrong distance anouncement

I use Kurviger Pro with headphones and Display off. Sometimes the Lady says turn left in 100 m but then it is more than 1 km until I really have to turn left. Immediatelly before I have to turn the command is always right. Is this bug caused by wrong map information or is it related to the routing?

Is this a known bug? I tried to find a similar problem in the forum but so far without success.

Right now I do not have special track available. If needed I can provide this information in the next days.

It’s difficult to understand without route sample + user’s location when that happens.

Could be related to what documentation mentions for such cases.

I have here a route where it says turn left in 300 m but I need to go straight ahead. The position where I get the anouncement is ~ 49.258509,10.714881.
The same problem exist at ~ 49.252144, 10.754525.

Sauernheim.kurviger (2.6 KB)



At both of these positions I couldn’t find any turn instruction?

Or are you using offline routing?


you are right, there are no instructions in the instruction list, but I hear an anouncement over the headphone. I use the setting Kurviger(online), GraphHopper(offline). I do not know if I was online or offline. I can check that.