Winklmoos-Alm unreachable


I noticed that the Winklmoos-Alm near Reit im WInkel is unreachable by Kurviger:

I added a note to, assuming that the lift_gates on the connecting
roads are the culprit. I got a reply and the friendly guy tried to fix the problem in a
certain way, but I’m not sure if this is what Kurviger needs:

Can you please take a look? It would be nice to know if this solution fixes the problem.



Ich vermute das es an der falsch eingezeichneten Einbahnstraße lag…
Das habe ich korrigiert und hoffe das es das war.
Dauert ca. 1-2 Wochen bis es auf kurviger funktioniert.

I suspect it was the wrong way up a one-way street…
I’ve corrected that and I hope that’s it.
It takes about 1-2 weeks until it works on curvy roads.

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Hi luckytown,

Another one-way street I missed :roll_eyes: Thanks for fixing that.

But I’m still not sure this is really the problem. Check this route:

Kurviger’s routing does not route beyond the lift gates. It does not
even reach the junction of the connecting roads nor, fwiw, the bus
stop “Seegatterl”. It still appears as if the gates are (part of) the


Hallo Corinna,

ich habe bei den 4 Schranken motor_vehicle=yes hinzugefügt, bedeutet keine Zugangsbeschränkung für Kraftfahrzeuge aller Art. Sollte es doch Zugangsbeschränkung für bestimmte Kraftfahrzeuge geben kannst Du mir das mal bitte schreiben. Im Internet konnte ich nichts dazu finden. Die Änderungen sollten ca. 1-2 Wochen bei Kurviger dauern.

Hello, Corinna,

i have added motor_vehicle=yes to the 4 barriers, means no access restriction for motor vehicles of any kind. If there are access restrictions for certain vehicles you can write this to me please. I could not find anything in the internet. The changes should take about 1-2 weeks at Kurviger.

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Hi Heiko,

the toll road can be used with car and motorbike, if the gates are opened.
As for closing the gates:

“In wintertime, the road is closed during operating hours of the gondola, […]”

As mentioned in, Andreas tried
to fix this by adding a “seasonal=winter” tag. Does this still work with
“motor_vehicle=yes”? If so, great!


Maybe our ‘Gold-Rosi’ (Mittermaier) does not like that much visitors at her Alm and has made an intervention at the Kurviger programmers, who knows … :slight_smile:

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Let’s see if the issue got fixed by the latest changes. If not we have to dig a bit deeper :slight_smile:.