Why wont waypoints transfer to my Tom Tom Rider?

Hi, I have the tourer version and on the whole think the mapping is easy to use, however when i transfer to my TomTom Rider 400, despite clicking route, waypoints and shaping points it only transports the start and finish which is indicative of a track. I untick the box for track as need a route to alter on the sat nav.

I have had a look on FAQ’s but cant seem to find the answer, has anyone else had this issue, and how do we get round it.

Thanks in advance

I don’t have a TomTom.
Maybe this helps:

Hi Blenks, I have a TomTom Rider 410 so we should be able to get this running for you :slight_smile: I personnaly have come to the habit to export only the track in the selection for the export on the Kurviger page. I then send the gpx to my TomTom via Bluetooth and I select it in the “My Routes” screen.

I allow TomTom to reroute and I give it internet, but die to the detailed “track” instead of “route”, it usually follows my planned drive rather closely, but I still get warnings about traffic jams this way

Can you try with a “track only” export once please and report back to me how that went?

I have the same topic with TomTom 550 and 500. Importet gpx of the kurviger Website also don’t show the waypoints. I don’t recalculate the route in TomTom because then always streets are changed by TomTom - I think he want to know it better.
Any idea?
VG juschka