Which map to chooes

NewBee on Kurviger.
When I am creating routes and I click on Layers I get like 15 options from Kurviger Liberty till top plus grey for Germany and Europe.
In MyRouteApp I have an option to select the Michelin card layer. When I click that specific Michelin layer, I get a green overlay over roads that are either considered scenery or seen/used on a lot of motorroutes.
These roads I mostly select in my routes.
Which of the 15 different layers I get offered by Kurviger is equal to the Michelin card and offer me a few of the best scenery roads?
Or is there another way to select the most scenery roads in a region?

One thing that Kurviger is doing different than MRA is that our maps don’t change how we calculate a route. So you can choose the map you like the most.

We do recommend our Kurviger Liberty map, but choose any map you like.

Kurviger will automatically try to select the ideal route for you. We currently don’t have a feature to show especially scenic routes on the map.

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Hello , je peux que la non existence de cette options de surlignage des routes touristiques comme le font les cartes Michelin est un très grand frein pour le développement de Kurviger dans des pays comme la France.

I sent an email to Michelin a few hours ago to see if there are any options. To be honest I doubt anything has changed, we are still interested in adding their maps to Kurviger, if possible.


Okay, Thxs for the swift reply.
I see the difference between MRA and Kurviger, but I value the scenery function very high.

It depends on what kind of riding you do. If you are interested only on Asphalt as the team member states Kurviger Liberty is a good option as it removes many of the dirt roads. For my kind of riding where I do most of the riding on dirt and asphalt as a senic means of connecting the dirt roads I use open street map (DE). I have no idea what the DE means but the map has a good level of detail and also shows the dirt roads in a different colour. It has a lot of information about village and tail names which is also helpful.It is also the default map when you open the cruiser app.Perhaps DE is short for “default!”

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It means the map has the German colour style, for example autobahn in red/yellow. Generic its red.
And also the street numbers are according German designation.

I also like the Michelin Card Layer, but I think in Kurviger Liberty or Top Plus… you can also choose a good route according the landscape scenery.

Al the streets in the big green areas won’t be bad, bigger yellow, smaller white, avoid orange.