What phone works for me off road/touring

When I am off road [frequently] or simply touring I always carry two phones with me. One phone is my standard iPhone in a safe place. The other is a ulefone armor x5.This is mounted to the handlebars with a simple expandable phone mount. As an extra security I drilled a hole into the phones rubber case put a key ring through it and I attach this with a reusable zip tie in case the phone should come loose. It’s only happened on one or two occasions and this was not on a big ramp or similar.The system works very well for me and has several advantages.
1/No big expensive bill for a quad lock which in any case is sometimes not at the right angle to view when you are standing on the foot rests off road.
2/the phone can also be bought for around €50 -80e used so in the event of a crash you are not weeping at the side of a mountain for your destroyed €1500 iPhone😀
3/in the event of one phone breaking, you have another available.
Greetings to fellow bikers around the world
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Thanks for the information.
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