What is follow mode and how is it controlled

I have Kurviger 3.2.3 and Tourer+. For the first time while riding I saw the message “follow mode is on.” What is follow mode and how do I turn it on and off? The documentation doesn’t seem to have any current entries. Also there is an arrow and distance indicating the next turn and the clock is illuminated. The map is not shown as I expect. I try to set it up for audio only so the turn indication and the clock surprise me. I expect the screen to be blank.

Thanks for all the work you are doing. I notice improvements every time I ride. Two days ago I opened a stored route that I was already 30km into. K3 picked up right where I was and gave me correct verbal directions immediately.


you will find an explanation below.


How do you control this?

If you deviate from the route, this happens automatically.

If you have not loaded a route and only want to use the Follow mode for an overview or orientation, simply press the arrow. You will then see the message “No route loaded” and you can then select Follow mode.

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Thanks for the explanation. Do you have any idea why the arrow with the turn instructions and the clock are showing up on an otherwise blank screen?

Can you please show a picture of it?

It would be difficult to capture. It only starts happening sometime after I begin navigating and turns on and off seemingly at random. Picture the “next turn” arrow that Kurviger displays during navigation appearing on a blank screen along with the clock display for 30 seconds and then disappearing again. It makes no difference how far I am from the next turn. If I stopped and tried to do a screen capture, the display would naturally change before I could capture it. It may, of course, be related to my phone, a REVVL V+ 5G.

Hello and that is very unusual and the first time I have heard of such behavior here. Try to take a video or photo of it if you can. That would be very helpful.


I tried to do this while riding but any time it popped up and I pulled over it went away. So I got off and started walking with the camera in one hand and the phone in the other. With all the glare and reflections you can’t see the clock at the top of the phone but you can see the turn instruction. These would stay on the screen about 10 or 20 seconds. When it goes off, if I’m no longer moving it stays off. Clearly not a studio quality photo, sorry.

An equally bad photo with different lighting showing the clock as well as the arrow. It seems to want to tell me there is a turn up ahead but the message and clock are illuminated only briefly.

Thanks for the pictures and now it’s clear.

This is the Android notification. When the navigation is running and you move Kurviger to the background, the navigation continues and you hear the voice prompts. In addition, a rudimentary display is shown in the start/lock screen above the notification field.

So this is not an error itself.

Do you move Kurviger to the background yourself or does this happen automatically?

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I start Kurviger and then start the music player. Then I move Kurviger to the foreground and turn the screen off with the power button. The screen goes blank but I still hear the music and I hear the Kurviger voice prompts over the music. Unfortunately these notifications appear along with the clock sporadically. Maybe I could alter the notification settings on the phone? I turned off notifications from Kurviger. I started navigation and found that it still talks to me and the screen illuminates. I’ll try it out when the rain stops.

Could you clarify what the issue is with the notification?

In general, we have to show a notification, as this is the requirement for Android for apps that run actively in the background (get your GPS or play voice instructions). So this is nothing we can disable. If you forcefully disable this, this might have some negative effect on your experience, like not getting any voice instructions or the app being killed/suspended by Android. I have no idea how the Android system handles this internally if you don’t allow notifications for Kurviger.

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Disabling the notifications for Kurviger works fine. The arrow image and clock don’t show up anymore and the voice instructions continue as usual. Thanks for the tip. Another solution from the K3 team.

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I’m assuming you have Android 10 or newer? In earlier Android versions disabling the notifications led to problems more often from my experience. I think you should be fine with this setting. Note also that you can disable only the navigation notification if you like and I would strongly recommend you do so. If we ever introduce other notifications for features that need your attention, we will add more notification types / channels, so you could leave other channels open while still getting rid off the navigation notification :slight_smile:


I have Android 12. I have only seen a switch to turn off notifications from Kurviger. I will try to find out how to disable only the navigation notification. Is it in Kurviger or on the phone?

It’s in the Android Settings, you can reach it via the “Apps” list in the Settings or by long-clicking on the App Icon or a notification

Clicking on that item will show you all notification categorys that the app has and you can turn only specific channels on or off. Good app developers (not like some… Amazon… cough) will give you multiple channels for different types of notifications so you can fine-tune


Excellent. Thank you. I had turned off ALL notifications from Kurviger under NOTIFICATIONS in SETTINGS on my phone. When I followed the path you recommended through APPS, Kurviger, NOTIFICATIONS I could see the NAVIGATION notification and only turn it off.