Weird translation for "waypoint" when using the Kurviger website in french

Hello !

I’m french, and although I master german and english langage, I prefer to use the Kurviger website in french.
I just saw that when I create a gpx file, “Waypoint” is translated in “Escale”.
But in french an “Escale” is when a ship stops in a harbor !
The right translation would be “Etape” rather than “Escale

That’s in fact not a big problem, but what, I think it’s very simple to correct in a future version of Kurviger !
Anyway, thanks for Kurviger, the more I use (and understand) it, the more I like it !

Best Regards, Roland

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In app I think we have it as “waypoint” which seems a valid translation.

Huh? We have an actual French person her telling us there’s a better translation. No way you should listen to deepl over them :confused:

I know also French.

Actually app’s initial translation was made from French community.
Also I like to double check everything new translated in app. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, “Waypoint” is rather an international accepted translation, but believe me, an “Escale” is when a ship does a stop in a harbor (or when a plane does a halt in an airport before continuing his flight) !


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Thanks so much for the hints @Rollmops67.

That seems to be the translation of the turn instructions. On the website, if you open the turn instructions, it shows Escale as well.

Would maybe the intermediate point translation be an option as well? Something like “point intermédiaire” or is etape indeed the better option?

I think “point intermédiaire” is 100 % OK when you are in Kurviger and add a waypoint on the map (“ajouter un point intermédiaire” when you right click on a road and kurviger is set to french)
But when you are driving in the real world the word “Etape” is more adequate.

Im Fall dass du Deutsch bist (ich spreche und schreibe fliessend Deutsch) :
“Point intermédiaire” würde auf Deutsch übersetzt “Zwischenpunkt” sein.
Wenn du einen “Punkt” auf die Karte setzt ist das ja OK.
Aber wenn du auf dem Motorrad sitzt und du passierst so ein Punkt ist das in Wirklichkeit kein “Punkt” (im Wortsinn) sondern eine Stelle auf deiner Tour, also würde “Etappe” angesagter sein.

Na ja , ist alles aber nicht sehr wichtig !



Thanks for the explanation @Rollmops67. The idea in the GPX is to notify a user, that a waypoint was reached. In German and English we both use the waypoint wording for this. The translations come from GraphHopper so I will create a discussion there and see how we go :slight_smile:.

I think it’s great to discuss about these things and in the end we can improve something for everyone.

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