Website: waypoints list improvements

If I’m creating a route one of the most important things are the route infos (distance, estimated duration, altitude). And if I stored my routes as links in my browser favorites I want to be able to quickly open them and see this infos at once, without being forced to scroll down a long list of waypoints.

So why not place those infos more prominent at the top of the left side:

In my opinion this would really improve the usability of the Kurviger website.

I really like that screenshot fake! Without that I would’ve said it draws too much attention away from the easy start for a newbie. But seeing it now… Kurviger could just fade that in once the first two points have been selected!

Loving it! But I’m out of votes :smiley:

At some point the website’s waypoints long list should be visible on user demand (foldable, popup, etc.).
Now when waypoints are many, the website is not much usable if have to scroll left panel continuously.


Agree. We already discussed that here (sorry, in German there :blush:).

In the current form the waypoint list isn’t all too important, because it’s mainly a list of “find fields” (almost) without additional information or function. In my opinion even only one seach field would be enough because all other functions (add / delete waypoint) can easily be operated with the waypoint’s menu on the map. Actually the main function of the list is to sort / change the order of waypoints.

This may change if someday waypoint will get nameable.

I even would argue that in the current form the usage of the waypoint list isn’t very intuitive. When I was a beginner concerning Kurviger’s website I had some problems operating it because it differs a lot from the conecpt of most other systems.

Then the main question is how long waypoints list can be hidden so can easily use the tools below conveniently. Or even change its position, i.e. put all tools / buttons above it.

Putting only some info above doesn’t solve the problem.
e.g. change route type remains a very difficult process

This is the reason why I would make the waypoint list foldable (just like the “Advanced options” menu). Can be unfolded if you want to change the position of a waypoint. But it would then need a separate “search” field to find / add a new waypoint.


I am happy to let you know that we just released a new version of the website with an improved waypoint list. It allows to collapse the waypoint list to increase the overview. That way it’s easy to see all important information at once.

Please let us know if this improves your current planning workflow or if something is missing.


A minor update about this feature, I just changed the red arrow icon to a number to show the number of waypoints with a collapsed list.

Screenshot from 2020-03-22 21-20-46