Website switches to app when cutting route

On Android tablet the system settings are “open Kurviger link with app”, because usually I prefer to use the app.

But nevertheless in some cases I use the website (chrome browser).

If I use the cut route buttons (website in browser!):

The new route ist not shown in browser, but opens in Kurviger app.

But if I am using website/browser, also new route should be opened there.

This really depends on how you have your Android set up and what Android version you are using.

Some older Android versions allow to select which app should be used to open a URL.

On newer Android versions this is not possible anymore.

I don’t think there is much we can do right now about this as this is done internally by Android.

Is this what progress looks like?
I have the impression, the newer the version the more I dislike them.

  • No SD card anymore (SD card is by far the cheapest way to expand storage).
  • denied access to storage
  • Major Vendors (like Samsung) on the top list of don’t kill my app
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