Website annoyances

These are not severe enough to be bugs, but if you are making improvements anyway…

Every time I go to the website, it asks me, in German, which language I want. Can you please add a language tag to the cookies so that it remembers my choice?

Most times I go to the website, a pop up tells me there is a new version. A new version of what? I don’t need to know and I don’t care. Just load the latest version and I will be happy.

Very minor point, the Flag icons used for language are not necessary. Not all German speakers are from Germany, and not all English speakers are from Britain.


I very much agree with your comments, except for the last point since I believe that the flags do not refer to the country but to the language. It is a universal language to recognize languages.

If you are German or British, then the flags will have little or no significance to you. If you speak German or English but are not from those countries, then the flags become a bit more of an issue. Not to the extent of being a problem, just a minor annoyance.

It does remember your choice, but it doesn’t automatically forward you. We are planning to improve this, but we need to do this backwards compatible, which is not that easy in this case. What you can do is to create a bookmark for the language.

For example you can bookmark: and Kurviger will be English by default.

You would think that it is that easy, unfortunately it’s not. If that would work reliable, we would do this. To make sure it works reliable, we need to reload the website and we only do this when the user agrees.

We are aware of that, if you have a better idea for icons that represent the different languages, I am all ears. Some websites use something like EN or DE, IMHO this does not look very appealing.


Language… Thanks for the tip.

New version… So have a menu setting that allows users to choose to not automatically reload if a new version is available?

Flags… Do you have usage metrics for how often users change language during a session? If it is as rare as I think it is, then moving it to a menu selection removes the need for an icon altogether.

Maybe we could use mixed flags, for more users to recognize it? I’ve seen some websites do something like this:

Automatically reloading is quite annoying, it will reload after the website is opened for a few seconds, so you might just start clicking. That is not an option I fear. We already have a few ideas for the future, but right now, there is no other option, sorry :frowning:

Typically 0 to 1, you mentioned you do it every time you visit Kurviger :wink:

I doubt this would be recognisable given the current size of the flag. Then we would have to increase the size.

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Oh really? I can’t believe it…what will you do if another user comes and says that two countries are too few and that he doesn’t feel represented?

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Representation is definitely not the goal here, so… nothing :wink:
But Robin is right, this does not improve ease of understanding, which is the goal here, so let’s forget the mixed flag idea


About the flags: You may also recognize it as support for people with handycap or people who cannot read the name of the language. To ME (personally) accessibility is key for a web site or web app.

If someone struggles to read the name of a language, then they will not find this website friendly at all. I am all for making it accessible, but using access as an excuse for poor design does nobody any favors.