We couldn't find a connection between at least 2 waypoints

In the Upper Peninsula MI in the town of Hancock… there is a bridge. It is the ONLY way to go to Copper Harbor from the UP. An error occurs when trying to cross the bridge. Kurviger says there is no way to cross the bridge. It is definitely a problem with how Kurviger calculates. So how do we get Kurviger to recognize that the bride is crossable?

BTW, it is not an avoidance issue.

Hallo David,

Könntest du bitte einen Abschnitt der Route hier teilen?

Could you please share a section of the route here?

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I think this Bridge causes the problem: OpenStreetMap
My OSM knowledge is to small to fix it …

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That’s the problem that Kurviger can not do! So how one get Kurviger to route this?

I am really lost here.
Even this short route doesn’t work.
I have no idea what might be wrong here

My guess is that this is due to the lift gates on the bridge:

I update the access values, it should work in a few days, thanks for reporting :+1:

Sollte aber dann nicht wenigstens die Route von @linux-user funktionieren? Ich bin gespannt. :slightly_smiling_face:

But shouldn’t @linux-user’s route at least work then? I am curious. :slightly_smiling_face:

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No, because it’s a oneway. If it’s a dead-end oneway (you can’t exit, and you can’t cross the barrier), then we block the whole road. Once you enter this road, you would be “stuck”.


You mean the barrier (far away of my short route) is the reason why my short route example doesn’t work :bulb:
Again what learned :wink:

Yes, as you can see this is a oneway, and there is not other exit than using the barrier, but the barrier is blocked, so it would be a dead end that you can’t exit.