Waypoints shown in navigation despite disabled

Today I saw the waypoints shown in the navigation instructions even though I disabled this feature. Last year, the disabling worked and the waypoints didn’t show up in the navigation.

Currently using Kurviger Pro 1.12.4


Sorry, cannot confirm that and anyway things are changed for next version.

Please provide more details about how this route was generated / imported.

Diese Funktion scheint es nicht zu geben nur Abbiegepunkte
Version 1.13.4

After waypoint names and waypoint types, it is not needed anymore.
(can see those discussions for all the improvements in instructions)

So the lesson is: everybody move to the Beta :smiley:

I see: When the new features are released, I need to change the waypoints to shaping points and then they will not be shown anymore.

No, I’m not using the beta. I consider myself a user, not a (beta) tester of the app.

Hi Shalrath, you’re right of course and there’s no need to go to beta, sorry that was only a joke by me :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: